Bastille “All This Bad Blood” (iTunes+)

Bad Blood” is the debut studio album by English alternative and indie rock band Bastille. The standard version of the album was released on iTunes on March 1st and the deluxe version entitled “The Extended Cut” was released on March 4, 2013 via Virgin Records Ltd.

The album comes preceded by the singles: “Flaws“, “Icarus“, “Overjoyed“, “Bad Blood“, “Flaws” and the hit single and latest release “Pompeii” that managed to be number 2 in the singles chart in the UK. On March 5th, the band give as free download on iTunes a bonus track from the deluxe version of the album entitled “Laughter Lines“. The tracks “Laura Palmer” and “Things We Lost in the Fire” were also released as official singles.

On October 9th, the band confirmed the re-release of the album under the name “All This Bad Blood“. The new version including unreleased tracks will be released on iTunes (UK) on November 25th and it comes preceded by the lead single “Of the Night“.



  1. “Pompeii”
  2. “Things We Lost in the Fire”
  3. “Bad Blood”
  4. “Overjoyed”
  5. “These Streets”
  6. “Weight of Living, Pt. II”
  7. “Icarus”
  8. “Oblivion”
  9. “Flaws”
  10. “Daniel in the Den”
  11. “Laura Palmer”
  12. “Get Home”
  13. “Weight of Living, Pt. I” (Hidden Track)


The Extended Cut

  1. “The Silence”
  2. “Laughter Lines”
  3. “Bad Blood” (Live Piano Version)
  4. “Things We Lost in the Fire” (Abbey Road Sessions)
  5. “Laura Palmer” (Abbey Road Sessions)
  6. “Flaws” (Live Acoustic Version)
  7. “Flaws” (Live at Abbey Road) – video
  8. “Overjoyed” – video
  9. “Bad Blood” – video
  10. “Flaws” – video
  11. “Pompeii” – video


All This Bad Blood 


  1. “Bad Blood”
  2. “Pompeii”
  3. “Things We Lost in the Fire”
  4. “Bad Blood”
  5. “Overjoyed”
  6. “These Streets”
  7. “Weight of Living, Pt. II”
  8. “Icarus”
  9. “Oblivion”
  10. “Flaws”
  11. “Daniel in the Den”
  12. “Laura Palmer”
  13. “Get Home”



  1. “Poet” (Part I: All This Bad Blood)
  2. “The Silence”
  3. “Haunt”
  4. “Weight of Living, Pt. I”
  5. “Sleepsong”
  6. “Durban Skies”
  7. “Laughter Lines”
  8. “Previously on Other People’s Heartache…” (Part II: Other People’s Heartache)
  9. “Of the Night”
  10. “The Draw”
  11. “What Would You Do”
  12. “Skulls”
  13. “Tuning Out…”




“Bad Blood” is available on iTunes (BUY)
“Bad Blood” (The Extended Cut) is available on iTunes (BUY / DL)

“All This Bad Blood” is available on iTunes (BUY / DL)