Bonnie McKee’s visual EP set to release in June!

Bonnie McKee is ready to bring back the good pop in our lifes. The singer continues to shape her upcoming second studio album, but before its arrival, the ‘American Girl‘ singer announced on her live uStream that she will be releasing an EP this year.

The EP, still untitled, includes her latest shot ‘Sleepwalker and is described as visual, because all the songs have their own video. It’ll probably just be a 4-5 songs.

During an interview with SmasHD, Bonnie confirmed that her anticipated EP will be released in June. She said:

I’m releasing an EP in June. I’m super excited about that. I’m making a video for every song, which is very ambitious, especially for an independent artist, but I loving being independent


Confirmed tracks:


  • American Girl | Bonnie McKee, Oliver Goldstein, Garret Lee, Alex Drury
  • Sleepwalker | Bonnie McKee, Oliver Goldstein, Alex Ridha
  • S.L.A.Y. | Bonnie McKee, Oliver Goldstein
  • The Hunger | Bonnie McKee, Oliver Goldstein, Joshua Abraham
  • What’s It Gonna Take | Bonnie McKee, Luke Walker, Claude Kelly, Oliver Goldstein, Joshua Abraham
  • Wasted Youth



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