Carousel “Palms EP”

Palms” is the upcoming EP by Los Angeles-based music duo Carousel formed by Kevin Friedman and Jackson Phillips. It’s scheduled for release on August 5th. The guys released the second promotional track “Wolf’s Awake” on July 8 via their Soundcloud page.

As a wolf howling at a full moon, the song shows the majestic resonance that is heard at a great distance. It’s another amazing and dreamy synthpop production, hypnotic, and penetrating, getting you transported to another musical level. Seriously, these guys never disappoint. This single joins the already released: “Where Have You Gone“, “Let’s Go Home“, “Stay Awake” and “Another Day“. On July 15, they released another track from the EP entitled “No Enough“. Remember the EP comes preceded by the lead single “Another Day“. On July 22, they premiered new track entitled “Before You“. The final track was premiered on July 29.



  1. “Not Enough”
  2. “Another Day”
  3. “Before You”
  4. “Wolf’s Awake”
  5. “Close My Eyes”