M. Pokora & Tal “Envole-moi” (Video Premiere)

Envole-moi” (English: “Take Me“) is a song recorded by French singer-songwriter and dancer Matt Pokora better known by his stage name M. Pokora with the collaboration of French-Israeli singer-songwriter Tal Benyerzi better knwon as just Tal.

The song written and produced by French pop-rock singer Jean-Jacques Goldman is a version of Goldman’s original 1984 track with the same name. The song is the first official single of the musical-project album initiated by his son Michael Goldman entitled “Génération Goldman” (English: “Generation Goldman“). 

The album will be available on iTunes on November 19. The single was released on iTunes on October 18 via My Major Company / M6 Interactions.




“Envole-moi – Single” is available on iTunes (BUY)