Owl City “When Can I See You Again?” (Video Premiere)

After the release of his fourth studio album “The Midsummer Station“, American singer-songwriter and record producer Owl City is ready to bring the world a new song entitled “When Can I See You Again?“, the track not included on the album will be the official theme song of the upcoming Disney animated film entitled “Wreck-It Ralph” that will open in theaters in the U.S. on November 2. The story of the film revolves around Ralph, a video game villain that measures 2.7 meters, but wants to prove he can be much more than a villain, and runs away from his game to help the heroes of other games.

The official music video of the track was directed by Matt Stawski and filmed on September 26 and it was released on Youtube on October 26. The single is scheduled for release on iTunes on October 30 via Disney Records.


In the Spanish edition of the soundtrack the track “When Can I See You Again?” was re-recorded by the teen boy band AURYN under the name “¿Cuándo te Volveré a Ver?





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