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Animal intuitive, psychic medium and clairvoyant Nancy Mello discusses her work

Nancy Mello
Nancy Mello


Animal intuitive, psychic medium and clairvoyant Nancy Mello discusses her work

Nancy Mello is a clairvoyant who helps people to move past the loss of pets and loved ones by connecting with them spiritually and bringing much-needed closure. Nancy does not fit the stereotype of a psychic that most people expect, and that has made her helpful services more accessible to the wider community.

Nancy answered some questions about the amazing work she does.

Greetings Nancy, can you tell us a bit about your early life and how you realized your clairvoyance?

I grew up on a farm in Northern California, and I can recall being three or four and “playing” with imaginary friends. Most children do this, but I remember having this uncanny understanding that these imaginary friends were in fact, real. Although I didn’t “see” them, I knew when they were around, and they helped me fill my boredom on acres of land. They would walk with me into the surrounding pear orchards and tell me things about my life. One story my mom likes to share is the time I took a walk and came back, declaring that I “knew” what my favorite animal would be- a cat. The next day,  a stray cat showed up on our mile-long driveway, seven miles from the nearest town. I named the cat, “Sally” and she was my constant companion for the next decade. I also declared to my mom that, throughout my life, I would have “twenty-seven cats.” I currently own my twelfth and thirteenth cat, respectfully. On our farm, we had three pigs that were being (unbeknownst to me) raised for slaughter. I would sit in the hay with the pigs for hours, and even though I didn’t “actively” read them, I recall that they seemed to have an understanding that they weren’t there for long. I also recall that they loved my affection, and I would cuddle with the beautiful creatures. Their names were Smoker, Poker, and Joker- and I still think of them off and on to this day.

What prompted you to try and assist others in communication with those passed away?

Soon after my grandmother passed away when I was six-years-old, I was playing with the last toy she gave me, and I could hear her in my head. “You only remember the damn blocks” I heard her say. I told my mom the message, and she was visibly shocked- first that I was telling her that her mom had just spoken to me and second that a six-year-old was using a word that wasn’t a part of her vocabulary, but very much a part of her mothers. As early as my teenage years, I would assist friend’s whose grandparents had passed away. I can recall one of them coming to school with the news they had lost someone. At that same moment, I could clearly hear their grandparent in my consciousness, telling me they were alright. Being able to give my friends messages to comfort and console them was something I could do to help them through a sad time. I was, “the friend that knew things” and friends knew that when a loved one was passing or had just passed over, they could call me to ensure they were alright. I realized that my ability wasn’t just about giving them messages, but installing faith that life does, in fact, go on after this. “Faith is believing the impossible is possible” is a saying I like to reiterate throughout my practice. To be able to help people with that faith, even just a tiny bit, fills me with joy.

What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered in your work?

I find that in general, when I tell people that I am a psychic medium, clairvoyant, and animal communicator, I get a response that indicates surprise. I don’t look what the old-school view of a “psychic” looks like. I’m a military spouse, I lift weights, and I run in my spare time. Because it doesn’t fit someone’s view of what a psychic might look like or how one might behave, I definitely get those who clearly think I am making up my abilities for attention. I had one person tell me they couldn’t believe in me because they “believed in science.” I responded that I too, believe in science- and I also believe that science hasn’t figured everything out yet. One of my goals in my work is to fund a study with the medical community where we can research just how psychic abilities are present in the brain. However, regardless of my beliefs that science and the unknown can coincide, it still is not enough for those who are adamant that what I do is not possible. I’ve lost family members and friends because biblically, I am going against God. (In the Old Testament.) However, I have found that through this push-back, I understand and empathize with those that fear what they cannot explain. I can only continue to spread my message of love and acceptance and know that not all are understanding of such.

Has the impact of COVID-19 put a higher demand on your services?

It’s been an interesting transition in the needs of my clients. At the beginning of COVID-19, a lot of healthcare workers were contacting me, wanting to know how they and their families would fare through the epidemic. Mothers wanted to know if their children would be safe. It definitely followed “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” in wanting to make sure they were secure. These were all very real, valid concerns. It was important to validate their fears and also give them insight into what was ahead for them. As the world has started to open back up, people are feeling physically safer- and now it turns to more economic security. I am getting business-owners from around the world, contacting me and asking if their business or their job will survive. Teachers are contacting me wanting to know that they and their students will be safe in the Fall. It’s a delicate balance of needing to be truthful in what information I’m getting, but also gentle in my approach. This is not the time for tough love, but quite the opposite.

What advice would you give to someone else who suspects they might be clairvoyant?

It can be very scary when you first wonder if you are clairvoyant. You may think you are going crazy because you “know” things that are going to happen. When they do happen, it’s a shock to your system, but also comforting. Keep a notebook of your premonitions and write everything down. Your gut will rarely lead you wrong. If you start getting a bad feeling about a place or an activity, trust and leave. I recall when I was eighteen, having brunch with friends. A man walked in, and immediately I felt cold and scared. I looked at my friends, and we immediately paid and left. Thank goodness nothing serious happened, but having friends around me that trusted me enough to walk out with me, helped my confidence even more with the understanding that my clairvoyance was very real, and was meant to help me and others.

Thank you Nancy for your time!
You can follow up with Nancy Mello at or her Facebook page.

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