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Christina Aguilera “Lotus” (Ultimate Music Review) [English / Spanish]


Christina Aguilera “Lotus” (Ultimate Music Review) [English / Spanish]

The fifth album of Christina Aguilera has arrived! It is called “Lotus” and as well as she says it is about embracing her as a woman and as a singer being born again musically one more time and trying (as a lotus) to subsist under any climatic or external condition that might hurt her and still thriving.

“Lotus“ An intro that samples the song “Midnight City” from M83. It can be noticed the production of Alex Da Kid giving focus to the choirs and Christina’s voice, that during three minutes prepares us for what we are about to listen. ¡Rise up lotus this is the beginning!
“Army of Me” The track that will be, without a doubt, the new “Fighter” shows one particular melody and a dance-pop production. The song is very well arranged and Christina has already said that she’s hoping for the song to serve as inspiration for the new generation of upcoming young artists (that are to come) that weren’t present in her “Fighter” era.
“Red Hot Kinda Love” The producer Lucas Secon deals with one of the most easy-going, funny and different track that we’ll find on the whole album. We can see a renewed and funny Christina who just tries to have a good time during the 4 minutes of the song, and of course, she accomplishes that with a high note. ¡Baby I’m burning up, you got that red hot kinda love!
“Make the World Move” (feat. CeeLo Green). Her The Voice partner judge joins Christina Aguilera in a classic track with a very 80’s sound and a lot of trumpet. It is a quite repetitive track but the chorus shines and makes it u all up. Lots of people will like it though we wanted CeeLo to sing a lot more in it.
“Your Body” What can I say about her first single? A very good track, very intimate and that I’m sure it’ll become a hymn. Christina showed off a song that makes us remind how much we love her and the much affection we have for her; just because in this song you can clearly see the potential of her vocals and how a song with a quite repetitive and simple chorus can build into something bigger being sang by Xtina Aguilera herself.
“Let There Be Love” One of our favorites of the album. The song has the word hit written all over it, it could be played in every disco all around the world. We know that the typical thing of Christina is to captivate us with her voice on her beautiful ballads but we have also been missing something like this, a fierce and renewed track that can be danced in any dance floor.“Sing for Me” First ballad. In this song Christina clearly says to the world that she doesn’t care about what they say about her singing, she gives everything when she sings and explores all those feelings that she has inside of her in order to move people. It is a song that touches your heart very pretty and built up perfectly. It’s a 10 song.
“Blank Page” A brilliant ballad in which we can hear Christina’s teared voice claiming to start again, like a blank page. The resemblance with the previous song is quite similar but still it has the distinctive signature of Xtina.
“Cease Fire” A ballad with sounds that emulate war (it is the concept of the song). It is nice to hear a midtempo one in order to compensate the final product. It is the most original song we’ll hear in the whole album.
“Around the World” Lyrics with double meaning and Xtina travelling all around the globe make this one of our favorite songs too. It has a rhythm that catches you from the first verse and until the end. Under my opinion, this track has single quality so let’s hope it will become a single in the future.
“Circles” Christina creates one of the most original tracks and with the most interesting production of all. It has some urban-repetitive style which we haven’t loved, but we know it is a quite personal track that shines among the other songs.
“Best of Me” This track that starts as a ballad and grows slowly into something more. Some violins are added and then a powerful percussion. Quite epic, very Leona Lewis and definitely real pop.
“Just a Fool” (feat. Blake Shelton) Second official single from the album! The song has a country-pop style quite alike to the band Lady Antebellum. We can see Blake Shelton shining in the verses matching perfectly with Christina’s ones. It has been a good choice as a single in order to approach it to what the American market searches.
“Light Up the Sky” A track full of screams, bangs, another try-out of an hymn that it’s not the best thing of the album but that also accomplishes the purpose of the whole concept of the album.
“Empty Words” Another midtempo song in which we can hear the typical things we say when we’re brokenhearted: “You won’t break me” “Yours words doesn’t mean anything to me”.
“Shut Up” A surprising ending with this urban track that doesn’t take any advantage of Christina’s voice. We love the censoring part in the chorus that says “Shut the fuck up” again and again.

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