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How heartache compelled Tom Helmy to start ConsultTogether

Tom Helmy
Tom Helmy


How heartache compelled Tom Helmy to start ConsultTogether

There are many amazing digital marketing businesses operating across the world. However, if you want a business that is motivated and driven to meet your needs and wants, then ConsultTogether is the business for you. Founded by Tom Helmy, their mission is to empower business brands to achieve their goals, primarily through social media marketing. Despite being a relatively young business, ConsultTogether has displayed some early exponential growth having engaged with over 2000 successful projects already.

Fortunately for us, Tom was able to answer a few questions we had about the origins of ConsultTogether and how they specifically use Facebook in their operations.

Tom, what emotional event in your life encouraged you to start ConsultTogether?

Well, I went through a rather messy breakup with a former girlfriend a while ago. While it might sound cliché, the breakup affected my life and changed me. We eventually broke up after I confronted her about seeing someone else (which she was). Even though I was in a lot of emotional pain and was struggling with the breakup immensely, I knew deep-down I had to move on. I needed a new venture or hobby to keep me motivated and focused. And that’s how ConsultTogether was formed!

I decided to do a few online marketing courses, which focused on social media marketing, personalized web consultations, search engine optimization and other forms of digital advertising. With my new qualifications, I began ConsultTogether.

Why did you decide to focus on social media marketing, specifically Facebook?

Social media has a lot of value when it comes to marketing. Millions of people use Facebook everyday and, as a result, it is incredibly important that businesses are using Facebook as a way of interacting with their customers. Small businesses don’t use marketing services as often as larger companies. Consequently, I decided that the best strategic approach for our business would be to focus on Facebook-related marketing, as it would allow us to provide affordable marketing services that will help small businesses expand their social media reach and customer awareness.

What is the value of Facebook when it comes to marketing?

Facebook is an incredibly practical and engaging medium. It can be a tool for research and a tool for promotion. Our analysts can pick up great customer insights just from perusing Facebook pages and profiles, which can help formulate strategies and insights.

We can also help businesses coordinate and structure Facebook posts, which enhances their connection with their customers. By using optimization techniques, we can ensure that your posts will be perfectly tailored to appeal to your customer base. We can easily design short videos designed to entertain your social media audience and attach these to your posts. Remember, Facebook is a social medium, so your followers want to be entertained.

How important is personalization when it comes to Facebook marketing?

In my opinion, personalizing your Facebook content is a necessity. Our in-house experts design solutions to your marketing problems, remaining cognizant of your specific needs, capabilities and resource limitations. We understand that marketing isn’t a “one size fits all” type of exchange, which is why our teams are always willing to adapt and alter their mindset. Part of this personalization will involve our team responding to Facebook messages and comments on posts. It’s very important that customer questions are answered promptly, otherwise your brand image may suffer.

What would be your advice to someone using Facebook as a marketing tool?

My advice would be to get assistance. While it might seem easy and straightforward, there are professional firms, like ConsultTogether, that specialize in providing these services. Make sure you have a clear goal and strategy – i.e. what is the purpose behind advertising on Facebook? Have benchmarks and goals so you can effectively evaluate your performance – this is what we do with our projects.

Finally, I would recommend humanizing your brand, which is quite easy to achieve through Facebook. When you post things, try and include photos of your employees and staff. Customers love to see the human-side of their favorite businesses, and a strong internal culture could go a long way in enhancing your brand’s recognition and sales in the public space.

Thank you Tom for your time!
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