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How Real Estate Expert Marcus Wellhöner Built One of Germany’s Most Trusted Real Estate Businesses

Marcus Wellhöner


How Real Estate Expert Marcus Wellhöner Built One of Germany’s Most Trusted Real Estate Businesses

The Wellhöner Group has emerged as one of Germany’s best real estate businesses. Offering much more than the standard services typically expected of a real estate agent, clients are guaranteed solutions for all of their home related issues when using their services. Founded by renowned real estate agent Marcus Wellhöner in 2017, the business has continued to grow and has quickly developed a loyal following of highly satisfied clients.

As a high schooler, Marcus Wellhöner quickly realised that real estate was the ideal path for him. His passion for problem-solving and his exemplary interpersonal skills gave him the foundation he needed to pursue this career. After undertaking apprenticeships and training programs at esteemed agencies that allowed him to gain experience in a variety of management roles, he obtained the qualifications necessary for him to achieve success as a real estate agent. His experience in a wide range of roles managing both commercial and residential real estate finally led him to developing his very own company in 2017.

The Wellhöner Group, which includes Wellhöner Immobilien, Wellhöner Consulting and Wellhöner Facility Services, is a unique company as the innovation of Marcus Wellhöner has allowed it to flourish and expand. He is the manager and founding partner of the four property companies that are encompassed in the umbrella branch The Wellhöner Group. The four companies run as independent limited partnerships and offer a range of real estate solutions. Wellhöner Immobilien offers property management and brokerage services, Wellhöner Consulting offers real estate consulting and interim management services and Wellhöner Facility Services offers house and garden maintenance as well as house cleaning. Marcus Wellhöner’s mission is to create a branch that clients can rely on to take care of all aspects of housing and real estate. He has been providing just this for the past few years and continues to grow and adapt his business to the constantly shifting industry.

As technology becomes more advanced and the need for integration of it increases, Marcus Wellhöner has adapted. He believes that this shift towards a more technological approach can be hugely beneficial for both clients and the operation of a business. While he plans to take advantage of new technologies, he is also careful that he maintains a sense of humanity with his business. He is sure not to treat clients as just a number and as an entity he can profit off, but as an individual with complex needs. His core values of reliability, transparency, integrity and competence allow him to run a business that forms relationships with its clients while also providing them with the highest quality and most up-to-date services. Charity is an important part of maintaining the sense of community and The Wellhöner Group is a supporter of a range of essential causes. This includes, but is not limited to, animal welfare associations, climate action organisations, poverty and homelessness support and child welfare initiatives.

The commitment demonstrated by Marcus Wellhöner and his team to building a client base that are satisfied with the well-rounded nature of their services is highly admirable and plays an integral part in creating a united, safe and happy community.

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