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Joel Li – Young Entrepreneur and The Auto Industry Pioneer

Joel Li


Joel Li – Young Entrepreneur and The Auto Industry Pioneer

Joel Li (legal name Qiaoer Li) is the CEO and auto industry pioneer. As the founder of TEDA International Auto Group, Joel Li has been responsible for leading the way in the optimization of the auto industry. His commitment to helping the industry become more environmentally responsible and also more consumer-friendly has been a game changer for many manufacturers. His successes have gained him recognitions such as the honor of being named one of Forbes China’s top 60 outstanding Chinese in North America and also one of HuRun’s 30 under 30.

TEDA International Auto Group is renowned for its innovative use of technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and AI. These allow for an optimized buying process. Joel Li recognizes that traditional buying methods such as dealerships are quickly becoming inconvenient for consumers. His business is designed to give them innovative options for selecting their purchase. On top of keeping consumers satisfied, these new technologies also allow for manufacturers to become more conscious of their environmental impact. Joel Li believes that we must act now to reduce the effects of climate change and is dedicated towards making eco-friendly operations a reality.

The business quickly took off and is acclaimed in the industry for its innovation and success. No matter what he sets his mind to, Joel Li’s creativity and entrepreneurial skills allow him to thrive. His passion for connecting with others is what drives him to succeed. Despite his young age, Joel Li continues to strive for further achievement and is sure to meet many more goals in the future.

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