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Like a rocket, SEO Shark has grown and developed significantly

Like a rocket, SEO Shark has grown and developed significantly


Like a rocket, SEO Shark has grown and developed significantly

Since 2004 when SEO Shark was created, the company has grown and developed significantly. The major headquarters in Sydney consists of a close team of content writers, social media consultants, account managers and additional managerial staff.

The company’s hiring mantra revolves around equity, respect and collaboration. Not only that, the company has developed a reputation of placing more importance on getting to know the candidate, as opposed to focusing purely on tertiary qualifications and previous experience.

Furthermore, the company is regarded for its focus on work-life balance and employee flexibility. Its team of casual workers are encouraged to pick working hours that suit their schedules (whether it be university commitments or other social engagements), while its full-time workers are afforded similar benefits. Indeed, the business has posted exceptional results on the back of its cultural model of flexibility and casual collaboration.

Award-winning digital marketing company

We all love to win awards, whether it be on an individual level or a more collective, business level. However, if you run a business, it is so important that you look at ways in which you can bolster your firm’s credibility. One of the most effective and satisfying ways to achieve this is to perform exceptionally well in your industry and strive for awards. SEO Shark is a reliable digital marketing agency that offers effective search engine optimisation services, web development assistance, reputation management and content marketing services. With over 15 years of experience, the business has become one of the most valued SEO providers in Sydney, Australia.

Indeed, their devotion to providing excellent SEO and digital marketing management was recognised by ThreeBestRated, where they were named one of the three best SEO agencies in 2018. On top of that, the company is a Google, Facebook and Bing partner, ensuring that they can provide their clients with access to the most efficient and valuable advertising platforms.

How your business could benefit from SEO Shark

There are many great benefits of your business being recognised for its achievements in the local community and wider state.


Having an award attached to your business name reinforces the credibility of your firm and its brand. Prospective clients are drawn to your business if they believe in your abilities to achieve the results they want. Awards and public recognition of your efforts will do just that.

Stronger client loyalty

Furthermore, you’ll likely find that your clients will remain more loyal and patient if you have accolades to back up your strategic plan. Without those awards, you might see your clients breaking ties prematurely, before you feasibly have a chance to give them the results they want. At the end of the day, bolstering your firm’s brand value isn’t just for show – there are practical advantages of striving for excellency.

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