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The Cloud Computing Training Program That Has It All – CloudElite

Daniel Nwosu


The Cloud Computing Training Program That Has It All – CloudElite

CloudElite has become one of the top training programs in the US for certifying cloud engineers and preparing them to enter the workforce. CEO Daniel Nwosu has personal experience with struggling to find an adequate training course to build his career in IT. Because of this, he has developed CloudElite, a service that teaches budding cloud engineers everything they need to know. He has done this so that people will no longer have to struggle with accessing appropriate training courses as he did.

When Daniel Nwosu made the decision to enter the IT industry, he needed to find a training course that certified him and gave him the skills necessary to secure a job quickly. Although he eventually found one, he took notice of this gap in the market and decided to create CloudElite to fill it.

Since its beginning, CloudElite has seen countless students achieve exceptional heights in their careers. The team of teachers that Daniel Nwosu has built attracts people to the program and offers them unparalleled opportunities to become experts in their IT field of choice. With 90% of students achieving their certification on their first try and 80% of students securing employment shortly after, CloudElite has become one of the top cloud computing training programs in the US.

The services offered include the training needed to become certified. What makes CloudElite truly unique, however, is the range of career services that further students’ prospects in the industry. They offer hands-on training, mock interviews, Linked-In optimization, a hand-crafted resume, and more to ensure that students look attractive to prospective employers.

CloudElite continue to expand to provide better opportunities to their students. One of the most unique things that some teachers offer is the opportunity for students to shadow their work as a cloud engineer. This provides invaluable first hand experience for students and better equips them for the industry.


With virtual and in person classes available, CloudElite is ready to help students everywhere be the best that they can be. Daniel Nwosu has also indicated that they plan to conduct seminars in the future and will also be expanding to the UK and to Canada. The training programs at CloudElite truly have it all and are designed specifically to build students up as much as possible and guarantee them a successful career as a cloud computing engineer.

You can follow Daniel Nwosu and CloudElite and on Facebook here or Instagram here.

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