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What To Know About Refilling Your Prescription

What To Know About Refilling Your Prescription


What To Know About Refilling Your Prescription

Refilling your prescription is something that everyone will need to do at some point or another. However, it can be confusing or intimidating for regulars and newbies alike! Refilling your prescription is essential for your health, so it is important to clear up any misconceptions or questions as soon as possible.

Keep reading to find out everything you should know about refilling your prescription! With these tips, it should be a breeze.

Timing is Everything

After a few refill periods, you get a better sense of how long it takes for your medication to get refilled. Whether you have to wait for a few days or a few hours, this is essential information to keep in mind when you need to refill your prescription. You don’t want to run out of medication before you get your refill! Beyond being annoying, it can threaten your health.

Keep track of how many doses of medication you have left. Head into the pharmacy to refill before you run out in order to avoid a longer wait period. For example, you might take one dose of medication before bed and one dose when you wake up. If you only notice that you need more medication after your nighttime dose, you will be behind on your doses.

You Can Use Multiple Formats to Fill Prescriptions

There are actually several different ways to refill your prescription. Many people choose the method that works for them, so if you were taught or watched someone else pick up their prescription, you might not know the different methods. However, you can try them out to find the one that works best for you and stick to it!

Here are some of the different methods:

  1. Online. If your pharmacy allows you to refill your prescription online, you can use a website like Canada Drugs to order your medication and get it delivered straight to your home. This is a great service that many overlook!
  2. By phone. Your medication label should have the number of your pharmacy. The ordering process may change based on how large your pharmacy is, but you can order over the phone and stop by during store hours to pick up your prescription!
  3. In-person. This is the common way, but it is by no means the only one! You will stop by your pharmacy, ask the pharmacist to refill your prescription, and either wait right there or schedule another time to stop by and get your medication.

These are the most common and easy to navigate formats of prescription refill. You can also order by mail if you are someone who needs to take medication daily to manage a serious health condition.

Save Your Label

It may not seem important, but the label of your prescription bottle has all the essential information needed to easily refill your prescription. This includes the number of your pharmacy, your specific prescription number, the medication name, and even the number of refills that you have left!

This information is essential, both for you and your pharmacist. It helps you to understand your prescription and easily explain the refills you need, and it helps your pharmacist to know the exact refill that you need in order to make you better.

Don’t Be Afraid of Refills!

As you can see, there is more to your prescription than meets the eye! Properly refilling it is essential to your health, so questions should be answered sooner rather than later. In addition, don’t be afraid to ask your pharmacist for more information. With this new knowledge, you can go forth feeling confident in refilling your prescription!

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