The 5 Best Psychic Mediums in The US

There has long been a demand for contact with those in the spirit world, or for readings to help us make decisions on important matters, or guidance in general. As a result, the demand for spiritual guidance in the form of a psychic medium has been constant for centuries. Psychic mediums can help guide people when discussing difficult decisions and matters, and helps them to lean into these situations, to trust their intuition. When looking for spiritual guidance in your matter, it can be difficult to separate those looking to help you, and those looking for your money.

So, here are the 5 best psychic mediums in the US:

1. Nancy Mello

Nancy Mello

Phone: +

Nancy Mello is a psychic medium, as well as an animal intuitive/communicator. She is able to connect to people and pets that have passed, to help you make important decisions and let go of grief. Not only can she help with spiritual matters for you, but also for your pets, providing peace of mind for the whole family. With numerous recommendations and positive testimonials, Nancy Mello is a great choice for any looking for guidance through a psychic medium.

2. John Vliet

John Vliet


John Vliet is a medium who uses his ability for healing himself and others in spirit and with loved ones whom people wish to communicate with. John offers services including one-on-one phone readings, in which a reading is done over the phone and the message relayed to you. John Vliet is a good choice for a medium.

3. Hector L Espinosa

Hector L Espinosa

Phone: +1 -786-285-3760

Hector L Espinosa is a medium based in the US who travels the world offering his abilities for private readings, special events and fundraisers. Hector offers a variety of services, including readings, messages, cleansing, healing and Feng Shui analysis. Hector L Espinosa is a good choice for those looking for spiritual guidance and more.

4. Sandie Byrne

Phone: +1-087 175 0462

Sandie Byrne is a psychic medium who was born into a family with the same gifts and abilities. This allows her to have no barriers or inhibitions about the existence of the afterlife. This also allows how to help people move beyond grief and help to guide them in life. Offering readings, as well as a medium mentorship program, much is available with Sandie.

5. Vickie Gay

Vickie Gay


Vickie Gay is a professional psychic medium and author. She uses her abilities to allow others embark on their path of self-discovery and healing. Offering services including phone readings, a thumb drive of your reading recorded and event readings in person. With a long list of positive testimonials, Vickie Gay could be the psychic medium you are looking for.

Spiritual guidance is something that most people look for at some point in their life. As well as this, grief is a normal thing for people to experience. These events can be made easier and guided by a psychic medium, and those listed above may just be the one that can help you.

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