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Strokes Beauty Lab Redefines Eyebrow Styling with New Product Range

Originating in the Philippines, Stokes Beauty Lab is breaking new ground in the eye beauty industry by introducing a new…

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On the Origin of Civilization” breaks open the da Vinci debate

David Klinkenberg is the author and mastermind behind the new book, “On the Origin of Civilization”, which details his solution…

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How to earn a six-figure income raising backyard chickens

For many people, earning a six-figure income seems like a distant dream. But for 61-year-old Mary Ann Fordyce, hard-work and…

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Meghan Markle has officially recycled a purple maternity dress

Believe it or not, a woman who could afford to dress differently every day of the year has actually decided…

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Goodbye plastic sequins, hello algae – the future of fashion

It turns out that sequins are a bit of a pest in the fashion world; they are constantly falling off…

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Maisie Williams stuns everyone with her dress at GoT reunion event

She and Game of Thrones co-star Jason Momoa (who recently completed his tour as Aquaman) both looked great in their…

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Miley Cyrus claims she came up with idea for nipple pasties

Pop-singer Miley Cyrus has claimed she pioneered nipple pasties (pasting a shape over the nipple so that its silhouette shows…

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Rihanna shocks and delights with surprise appearance at London party

The pop singer gave an interview with VOGUE earlier in the month, giving her fans some long-awaited insight into her…

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Miley Cyrus rocks stunning Tom Ford inspired thrift look

The pop (formerly country) star Miley Cyrus isn’t too good to shop for unique outfits at thrift stores and recently…

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Kylie Jenner channels spirit of Kim past with floral couch outfit

Kylie Jenner makes a lot of heads turn on a routine basis and it’s easy to see why. If her…