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Learn to think like the 1% to unlock your hidden potential

The Perfect Me Program


Learn to think like the 1% to unlock your hidden potential

If you have ever paid any attention to interviews with celebrities and famous entrepreneurs who really shape society and culture in massive ways, then you’ll know that these mega-successful people all share certain traits. One of these traits is undoubtedly a mindset that allows them to identify clear goals and motivate themselves through times of pushback to overcome their self-doubt.

Despite what you may think, this way of thinking isn’t only available to the rich and famous – anyone can apply these thought behaviours to their own life. Anyone who wants to learn and benefit from this way of thinking can do so with courses like The Perfect Me Program (PMP), a training package that teaches you how to reprogram the brain to think about situations and life decisions the same way that the top 1% of most successful people do.

How it works?

Firstly, it’s important to understand what is meant by ‘program’, since the whole point of PMP is to replace the current, unsuccessful program your mind has been running most of its life. At its core, the PMP is about entirely transforming your habitual thought behaviours so that you take more positive and proactive action in your life.

The Perfect Me Program is separated into 2 primary components:

The 50-minute mind reprogramming audio sessions consist of 36 audio files which contain the essential beliefs that are ingrained into the minds of the 1%. These audio files are combined with hypnotic music and are designed to help you quickly replace you current beliefs with newer, more powerful ones that help you achieve success.

The 180 page, 4-6 week mastery course is designed to work in concert with the 36 audio files that you will be listening to, allowing you to create a strategy for your new life. The course helps you to design the new version of yourself that you can then align with your individual goals.

You can learn more about it here:

Is ‘The Perfect Me Program’ for me?

The Perfect Me Program is designed for people who have a general dissatisfaction with their life and what to stop wallowing in comfortable, yet self-destructive behaviours. The program is perfect for anyone who feels disillusioned with their career, is unhappy with their family life, or simply feels like they deserve more and want to leverage their best talents to achieve success, whether it be financial or otherwise.

PMP is the perfect preparation for any entrepreneur who wants to go into market with a winning mindset that can predict and quickly overcome the inevitable setbacks and pitfalls that everyone in the 1% will admit to. PMP isn’t about achieving a universal standard of perfection, it’s about knowing how to think about life so you can achieve your personal standard of perfection – whatever that happens to look like.

It’s important to understand – PMP is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, or some pseudo-scientific nonsense about ‘the law of universal attraction’ – it is a carefully designed mind training program that gives you the intangible but highly valuable mental tools that the 1% all share in some capacity or another. These tools will enable you to very quickly achieve the goals you previously thought impossible and allow you to maintain that way of thinking so that you can leapfrog to even greater success in the future.

Overall, The Perfect Me Program is an affordable and comprehensive training package that provides a quick way to learn the mindset of the rich and powerful and apply it in your own life. Keep in mind; the program is not a guarantee of wealth and success – it requires YOU to take what it teaches you and apply it towards whatever your personal goals are.


Veronica Mak

I'm a New York-based journalist covering business, celebrity and entertainment news at Josep Vinaixa. I hold a master's degree from New York University of Journalism.

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