Scott Hughes Wrote ‘In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’ To Set A New And Better Generation

Scott Hughes takes it to a whole new level with his recent book, ‘In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’ which speaks a universal tale of love and self-growth. His writings have been carving the stone of his desire to inspire and help people achieve their dreams. In his work with OnlineBookClub, he has created a mentorship program to help pay it forward to other artists to in return foster their careers. Building a community of fellow readers and writers, he has been able to kickstart the careers of many artists. With his recent release, he hopes to build a kinder and more loving world – and one that is well-read.

‘In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’ is Scott Hughes’ first work under the alias Eckhart Aurelius Hughes. Taking over 5 years to release, he took the delay to perfect his craft until he had the right words to share with his audience. Marrying a unique combination of philosophy and physics, he offers an interesting standpoint that hasn’t been tapped into before.

Unlike most self-help books, he provides a much more lenient perspective offering varying critiques surrounding philosophical questions. Through his unbiased point of view, he has been able to create a work that is free for interpretation and allows the reader to take in the perspective to decide their own thoughts on the matters discussed.

Words have a power that actions cannot. Through Hughes’ work, he aims to make change with his own powerful words, to ultimately build a new generation of thought that is intent on moving past the troubles of history for something much greater.

Scott Hughes is evidence of how a person can make a major difference to the lives of those around him. ‘In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’ is just another milestone in the list of achievements he has made to help inspire others to make the most out of their lives. By sharing his story, he hopes to share the common ground he has with others to help them learn to connect and grow with each other. Helping us find the beauty in the everyday struggle, we can begin to move forward to a generation that is a little kinder.

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