Strokes Beauty Lab Redefines Eyebrow Styling with New Product Range

Originating in the Philippines, Stokes Beauty Lab is breaking new ground in the eye beauty industry by introducing a new bleed-proof and long-wearing microblading pen. The pen is one of five products in the Stroke’s Brow Artist Collection – a line of eyebrow cosmetics that aims to dispel the belief that high-quality needs to entail a high-cost.

Dubbed the Microblade Pen Perfector, the new detailing pen is set to deliver microblade-worthy results without the use of a blade. It gives users the ability to fill in and define their natural brows using an incredibly fine brush tip, allowing very thin strokes.

The Microblade Pen Perfector, combined with its sister products, is designed to allow anyone to achieve eye beauty at their convenience. Researched and developed by Strokes Beauty Lab, the product has been brought to life thanks to the hard work and expertise of eye beauty professionals.

The Brow Painter is the collection’s brow shading pen that is long-wearing, smudge-proof, and waterproof. It works to bring greater definition to eyebrows. The sheer finish and translucent formula used in the Brow Painter allows anyone to bring robust definition to their brows without looking like they’ve overdone it.

Next, the Brow Sculptor Duo is a microfine brow pencil which allows users to effortlessly fill in brows with all the benefits of wax, pencil, and powder. Waterproof and easy-to-apply, the dual-ended tool has a spoolie brush attached to it, allowing for brows to be blended and groomed into the perfect alignment.

Following that, Stroke’s Brow Artist Collection also features a tinting pomade called the Brow Colorist. This product works to instantly build up volume. With a dual-sided brush, users can achieve different levels of intensity without fuss.

Lastly, Strokes Beauty Lab has developed a long-wearing and strong-holding invisible brow gel that’s aptly named the Brow Fixer. The product, when used with the dual-sided brush, allows for hairs to be easily coated and set in place from the roots all the way to the tip.

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