Marina and the Diamonds “Froot” (Video Premiere)

The world must be ready! British singer-songwriter Marina and the Diamonds is back to the music spotlight. Following the release of her Fashion brand 11 Diamonds, the singer is currently working so hard in the studio in the awaited follow-up to her acclaimed second studio album “Electra Heart“, released in 2012.

The expected third album called “Froot” is scheduled to be released on April 3, 2015 via Atlantic Records. The lead single is the album’s title track “Froot” and it was released during Marina’s Birthday on October 10th. “Froot” can mean multiple things but its mainly used to describe something cool.

The official music video directed by Chino Moya was premiered on November 11th.





“Froot – Single” is included on “Froot” (BUY)