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Walt Disney, AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) Every NFT Being Offered for “Millions” (Anyone Can Mint in December)

AHM Ape Hidden Mistress Every NFT Being Offered for Millions


Walt Disney, AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) Every NFT Being Offered for “Millions” (Anyone Can Mint in December)

Many top investors saw this and if you are reading this, you are one of the earliest. Anyone can win a free NFT and make more than top lawyers in US. (Minimum $15,000+ monthly earning for each NFT holders and current countless offers are about $1 Million for a single minted NFT)

There will be “fair lottery” during the mint, as the expect sell out time is less than a few seconds. Many investors are offering for a “wallet that minted an NFT” for $3 Million.

It is because “the wallet that successfully mint in December” is getting a huge benefit. However, there are countless offers of $1 Million for just a minted NFT “without a wallet”.

Continue reading to learn why countless top investors are offering millions for a minted NFT.

It is time to retire, but be aware of the new policy that only   the “Online Discord People” will be picked for their “Free NFT Random Giveaways”!

Learn more about Walt Disney’s AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) on their Twitter and their Discord. Additional information can be also found on their website:

For those who believe in Walt Disney and what they are capable of in terms of time-to-time releases that are always massive in patronage and views, this is a lifetime opportunity to be a part of this and earn your way to prosperity.

It will undoubtedly be huge, and the first set of people to mint these NFTs will be the biggest beneficiaries. Right now, the character onboard is The Ape, Tarzan’s Hidden Mistress.

The AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) expects to create specific content targeted at kids and other audience segments around Walt Disney animation products. Yes, the synergy covers that. You can imagine feeding the more than a billion kids worldwide with Walt Disney animation games of which you hold NFT.

Right now, “The Ape, Tarzan’s Hidden Mistress” movie is being prepared to launch in 2022 by Walt Disney with breakthrough projections already spanning into millions of dollars. So you can imagine what its 3D AHM will pull together.

You must be thinking, “What do I stand to gain in all of these?” The project is scheduled to kick off with a 5,555 NFT Minting Initiation. You can call these initial drops some sorts of genesis sales.

Everyone who mints NFT in this category will get “Free Airdrop 3D Graphic Design NFT” that will be in use for the movies.

“Just turn on Discord and forget about it, at least you have a chance to win a Jackpot one NFT, and $15,000 every month with many airdrops and earnings from their films, “The Ape, Tarzan’s Hidden Mistress”. (Countless of top investors calculated and are offering to buy minted NFT for $1 Million and a “wallet” that minted an NFT for $3 Million right now.)

Simply put, the constant flow of income positions you to be settled for life. Other significant projects are coming into synergy with Walt Disney entertainment operations under the AHM umbrella, so the NFT holders should look forward to loads of airdrops as more and more of these come into play.

Their official website link is and also their Twitter link & Discord link. Welcome to Solana NFT world where anyone can become a millionaire overnight. Be the first minter.

On the price of the AHM NFT, the mint cost will hover around $100 in SOL (unless you win a free NFT) and there is no minting limit.

In all of these, the values of AHM NFT are set to increase continuously over time due to growing demands and returns on investment and other positive developments to come.


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