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Hip-hop Beat Producer Jamie Raine has Made a Big Impact on The Scene

Jamie Raine
Jamie Raine


Hip-hop Beat Producer Jamie Raine has Made a Big Impact on The Scene

One of the best up and coming beat producers in the hip-hop scene is undoubtedly Jamie Raine, who has made a distinctive impression on fans and peers alike. Born and raised in England’s North East Country of Durham, Jamie has quickly risen in popularity. This fact is evident by his impressive follower count on social media, now more than 700,000 people worldwide. Jamie’s Instagram:

It’s easy to see why this talented music producer has had such runaway success. Thus far he has earnt a name for himself in both the UK and broader European hip-hop music scene. His distinctive approach to the area of beat-listening definitely sets his apart as someone to keep an eye on.

Head to Spotify to hear Jamie’s music:

The massive hip-hop industry has remained popular across multiple generations and has shown no sign of slowing down. Jumping into this established scene is hard and trying to innovate is even harder –, but Jamie Raine has managed to do both.

With his first single ‘Already Fallen’, Jamie has already become a trending name in the music scene. Released on the 2nd of June, 2020, the track has earnt widespread acclaim and is a new favourite on many people’s playlists.

Jamie Raine

‘Already Fallen’ can be listened to all the biggest platforms for music distribution/streaming.

Connect with the track here:

Because of the global pandemic that has changed everyone’s lives, Jamie has been incorporating themes that explore feelings of healing, hope, and encouragement in his new music. Jamie is an artist who believes that his work should do more than just entertain, it should give people a way to escape the hardships of everyday life.

Jamie Raine’s second release is a joint-work with Sam Prestwich, another UK singer-songwriter. The track, titled ‘Drive Down’, has an intense tropical, sunny vibe that transports listeners away from the gloomy location they may currently be stuck in due to lockdown.

Jamie Raine

The track ‘Drive Down’ be streamed or bought from all the big music platforms.

Find the single here:

The single is a masterful collaboration between two talented artists and is incredibly well-produced on all fronts.

Speaking of the track, Jamie says:

Both Sam and I have been tinkering with ‘Drive Down’ for a while, and while it took a lot of hard work, we are both really excited to have the track released and being listened to. I couldn’t be happier with the final result, and incredibly happy to share more of what I have been producing with fans soon.

It’s clear that Jamie Raine is a forced to be reckoned with in the hip-hop scene and a beats producer that everyone should really keep they eye on over the next few months. He kept his initial production in 2018 private to keep working on it and hone his skills. However, he has now leapt out of obscurity and cemented a significant impact on the music scene he loves.

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