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How entrepreneur Andrew Anastasiou’s digital banking products enhance convenience and security for his customers

Andrew Anastasiou
Andrew Anastasiou


How entrepreneur Andrew Anastasiou’s digital banking products enhance convenience and security for his customers

In case you didn’t know, Fintech has been an exciting and rapidly growing niche in the banking and finance sector that’s served as the stomping ground of some of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs. One of these entrepreneurs is Andrew Anastasiou born December 11, 1988 in London, United Kingdom, who has an impressive portfolio of successful digital banking products under his belt.

We’ll take a quick look at some of Andrew’s fintech endeavours and explore the brilliance behind their success.


WireWallet is a digital banking platform that enables customers to acquire a dedicated IBAN (International Bank Account Number), much in the same way they would from a traditional banking account. The simple reason for the success of WireWallet is that it enables Europeans and non-Europeans to enjoy the same benefits of a traditional bank account from the comfort of their home, without having to visit a brick and mortar banking establishment and stand in a queue.

Embracing the convenience of digital systems means that people no longer have to put up with the notoriously cumbersome bureaucracy of traditional banking institutions. Not only are these digital platforms more convenient, they are far more reliable and secure for many.


Another one of Andrew’s creations, StasiCapital, also demonstrates the power of digital banking to bring greater financial security and freedom to customers. StasiCapital is connected with over 20 banking institutions around the world that allows clients who could not typically get a bank account elsewhere, to get access to one and enjoy the utility it provides.


As well as these companies, Andrew also owns and runs SagaPay, a bespoke payments company which provides turnkey solutions to high industries such as online gambling and crypto businesses. Customers of SagaPay simply integrate one time with SagaPay and then have access to over 100 payment solutions at the click of a button.


Finally, we have LyncPay. This project is due to launch in 2021 and is set to change how 500 million people in Africa and Latin America make daily transactions. The service will provide digital banking solutions to millions of individuals, who need to make online transactions such as paying utility bills, but currently have no access to bank accounts and therefore make all payments in cash. With this product, Andrew will be changing the lives of a huge amount of people and making their everyday tasks much easier.

Final thoughts

To sum everything up, it’s clear that Andrew Anastasiou’s digital banking products are connecting with a wide range of people who recognize their utility when compared with traditional banking institutions. Giving people more options in how they set up and invest their money into financial institutions can only ever be a good thing in terms of both promoting transparency and competition in the finance sector.

While digital banking isn’t going to replace the heavily regulated giants of the finance industry overnight, there’s no reason not to expect it to take a larger and larger chunk of the market over the next decade thanks to innovative entrepreneurs like Andrew Anastasiou.


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