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Learn the Industry Tested Trading Skills with Neerav Vadera and G7FX

Neerav Vadera


Learn the Industry Tested Trading Skills with Neerav Vadera and G7FX

Learning trading skills that genuinely work takes a great deal of time and effort. Once you dedicate this time, however, the payoff is highly desirable. Neerav Vadera is an industry expert when it comes to trading, and has developed a training program at his company G7FX that takes you through all of the skills you need to know to become a trading expert in your own right.

G7FX was founded as a result of Neerav Vadera seeing the negative effects of organisations that promise get rich quick schemes. Upon founding the company, Neerav Vadera already had almost two decades of real-life trading experience and also had a passion for teaching. He created G7FX as a unique body in the industry that could provide carefully curated training programs that would genuinely benefit those who wanted to learn the skills needed for trading.

Neerav Vadera began trading in Forex and Futures after he graduated from Business School to join an investment bank. He became skilled in doing so and built an extensive knowledge of the approaches and methods needed to be successful in these areas. While at Business School, Neerav Vadera worked as an Accounts Tutor to teenagers in order to fund his education. G7FX was his way of combining his knack for teaching with his passion for trading, and for helping others learn about the proper skills needed for it.

Every module on the G7FX course is created by Neerav Vadera. As a 100% audited pro educator, he has structured the course to follow a logical flow of what he was taught at multiple institutions. The Foundation Course is the first course, and details months 1-3 of what you would learn in an institution. In the Foundation Couse you will learn things like the Depth of Market and foundational orderflow. Proceeding to the more advanced level, months 3-6 cover topics such as VWAP and Profile. Once this knowledge has been built, students are put on a simulation period. This occurs in months 6-9 and is the final step in allowing students to build a genuine career in trading.

For a sneak peek at Neerav Vadera’s teaching style, his YouTube channel and his Instagram page are ideal places to turn to. Despite fighting social platforms for a while, Neerav Vadera realised how essential they are for reaching a modern audience. Now, his channels are thriving. With thousands of followers, he frequently shares his top tips and advice for traders. Amateur and pro traders alike flock to his pages and to G7FX to build their skills properly so that they can trade in an educated way that has proven successful.

As an industry expert, there is no better person to learn the skills needed for trading from than Neerav Vadera. He is loved by many and has found great success in both his personal trading endeavours and in his educational programs. G7FX provides a unique training program that is comprehensive and effective. There are no others quite like it and it is sure to help you develop your trading career.

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