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Official Staunton Continues to Provide the Highest Quality Chess Sets on the Market Thanks to Founder Carmelo Miceli

Carmelo Miceli
Carmelo Miceli


Official Staunton Continues to Provide the Highest Quality Chess Sets on the Market Thanks to Founder Carmelo Miceli

A good quality chess set is an essential item to have whether you are a complete beginner at chess or someone who has been playing for a significant number of years. As an appreciator of an intricate game like chess, it is likely that you will also be an appreciator of the careful work that goes into crafting a luxury chess set. Carmelo Miceli is one chess player who took this appreciation to the next level.

After being introduced to chess through school chess club, Carmelo Miceli maintained a lifelong passion for the highly strategic game. This love for chess encouraged Miceli to start his own business selling chess sets. He founded his business Official Staunton in 2003 and was inspired to do this due to a desire to accurately reproduce Staunton chess sets that were a popular style in the 1900s.

The Staunton style is what many of us are most familiar with. It includes features such as the king being the tallest piece and having a cross on its head, the knight being characterised as a horse’s head, and the rook being characterised as a castle. The key difference between the typical 1900s Staunton style and what Miceli hopes to produce is that Miceli is dedicated to distributing only the highest quality boards and pieces.

There are many elements that contribute to a high quality chess set and Carmelo Miceli has indicated they key ones as being one that is designed well, uses high quality materials, and is core weighted to provide a sturdier gameplay. At Official Staunton, they strive to consistently innovate the way that their sets are produced. It is a key part of the business that all of their products use the best available materials and are hand made to perfection. The handcrafted knight is a big part of the appeal behind a Staunton set and Official Staunton are sure to uphold this tradition.

The products available at Official Staunton range from basic starter sets, to mid range upgrade sets, to high end luxury sets that are perfect for collectors. They also provide schools and chess clubs with sets to inspire the next generations of players. The gift of a high quality chess set is an extremely memorable one, particularly for those who appreciate both the game and the amount of work that goes into crafting the sets. For beginners, equipment that they can appreciate is a great starting point into the world of chess. Chess is extremely engaging and has never ending developments. The deeper you get into chess, the more there is to know.

Official Staunton are renowned for their impressive collection of chess sets. There is something available for everyone and you can be sure that every single product is of high quality. The mastermind behind it all is Carmelo Miceli and he continues to propel the company forward, pushing them to innovate remain dedicated to sourcing beautiful, high quality chess sets for all.

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