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The Jazzy Vibrations & Bountiful Beignets


The Jazzy Vibrations & Bountiful Beignets

There are many ways to distinguish the southern city in Louisiana from the rest of the country, let alone the world. With a rich history of triumph and tragedy, there are several ways that this infamous port city separates itself as its own animal entirely.

Two hallmarks of the Big Easy can be easily surmised as, Jazz and Beignets. Both have their unique anchor in the streets themselves and today we will explore a little bit about why each one has a steady foot planted in the landscape.

The Crescent City

With an incredible array of cultural mixes and matches, the city has seen its share of infamy and beauty simultaneously. New Orleans was originally a port city in its inception and vital for the trade value of the USA for many years. It also has a very superstitious appeal to its citizens and visitors, New Orleans is also known as the City of the Dead in many circles due to the various tales and legends that pepper its vibrant and macabre history.

It’s known more today as the unofficial center of Mardi Gras celebrations, fine fusion dining, jazzy bars and an all-round unique time.

Hometown of Jazz

Jazz has become synonymous with New Orleans, and for a very good reason. Many historians and fans of the genre state the importance that New Orleans had in the development and subsequent sweeping effect Jazz had, thanks to the city and its inhabitants.

New Orleans was a perfect mixing pot for the new jazz age, it housed a grand mixture of cultures and creeds from all walks of life and around the world which brought with it a certain new vibration. There are many roads leading to this new age stemming from one particular musician by the name of Charles ‘Buddy’ Bolden, who become famous for his charismatic playing and rhythmically unique style that echoed a new era of Jazz stylings.

Today, you can walk down any street in New Orleans, especially in the Jazz Quarter, and find an array of silky-smooth notes catching the southern wind. The city has owned its notoriety for the musical tradition, with festivals and establishments with a sole dedication to the genre. After all, it was the birthplace of modern Jazz.

It’s somewhat inseparable from the foundations as many visitors to the city will search out the alleyway bars that house a few stools and a stage where a nightly jazz ballad will ricochet off the walls.

Beignets & Other Vices

The unique trappings of the Crescent City continue on with an array of delectable cuisines and vice temptations that permeate the fabric of what is considered a typical American experience. Walzting along through the French Quarter, you’ll be hard pressed not to be asked about the Café Du Monde, a rather famous establishment that resides on the corner of Jackson Square in the French Quarter.

It’s been a baptismal necessity for all visitors to the city for years and has not changed much since it’s inception in the 19th Century. Having a café au lait and partaking in a traditional Beignet is as N’awlins as you can get. The cuisine is fantastical all around, thanks to the unique mixture of cultures, what’s known as Creole Cuisine has made its mark, while it’s now more popular in various states around the country, the birthplace of anything is where you’ll find the essence – New Orleans is no exception.

Of course, it’s not all Jazz and Beignets, the city is famous for it’s other dives into the dangerously decadent. Bourbon Street has been the capital of Mardi Gras for generations, the stylings of a rustic and wild western society, there’s always a party happening somewhere along the famous strip, and plenty of uniquely crafted beverages to go along with it.


While New Orleans has had its fair shake of bad luck and horrendous history with natural disaster, she stands tall and sturdy in the face of it. There will never be another city like the Crescent City, The Big Easy, whatever you choose to call it, it will remain a unique and unabashed example of the finest Jazz and Beignets.

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