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The Melting Hotpot Of Cultures Coming Together Through Food Delivery Service, Saltalk


The Melting Hotpot Of Cultures Coming Together Through Food Delivery Service, Saltalk

There’s an incredible selection of choices to pick when it comes to deciding what’s for dinner tonight. The diversity is amazing! When it comes to choosing a dish to eat that comes from your childhood, one from your homeland, it’s very easy to be picky and find the flaws. So why not do it yourself? Saltalk specialises in providing home cooking services from your homeland that won’t make you struggle. In a few simple steps, you can have a hearty and healthy meal within minutes. Taking the finest authentic dishes from across Asia, every day is a celebration of the food from that continent. Today, we are going to explore the cultures Saltalk serves its customers.


Chinese cuisine focuses on dishes that are packed full of umami flavour that savours your mouth. Whether it is a dumpling, chowmein, or Peking duck, there are so many options to choose from. You’ll feel like your at your local Chinese, Yum Cha, or Hot Pot restaurant without the travel or waiting times. This way, you’ll have piece of home in your home keeping Chinese traditions alive.


Japan is home to soy-packed dishes that’ll have you jumping for joy. From Katsu, Ramen, Sushi, and Udon, you can feel like you’re just in Japan without having to fly hours away. In an instant, you can bring a little Japan into your doorway and onto your plate. For those who like their fish fresh, there is even a Sashimi option. Feel free to slurp away as you take in a bite of your noodles. As Japanese customs go, the messier you eat, the more evidence you’re enjoying the meal.


Korean dishes traditionally are the most light and spiciest of foods. From Kimchi, Bibimap, Chapchae and Korean Fried Chicken (the original KFC), there is so many choices to choose that’ll make your mouth salivate. For a good homage to traditional Korean eating, place all your vegetables, rice, and dishes each in little bowls for the perfect feast. You’ll definitely feel like you’ve never left Korea.

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