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The Most Flattering Thong Bikinis This Summer

The Most Flattering Thong Bikinis This Summer


The Most Flattering Thong Bikinis This Summer

Its official, the thong bikini is trending and is now one of the most fashionable styles of swimwear this summer.

With celebrities and social media influences sporting the thong bikini left, right and centre, it’s no surprise that this is the hottest beach look of 2020 so far.

You’re going to see a lot of the thong bikini around as girls across the country gear up and head to the beach for summer.

So you want to stay ahead of the trend, keep in fashion and turn heads this summer? Luckily for you, big swimwear brands are capitalizing on the trend and have released a whole variety of different thong bikinis.

But with such a range of bikinis and so many different designs, which ones should you be looking at to really stand out?

Here’s our favourite most flattering thong bikinis to rock this summer.


  1. The Kahlo – MyraSwim


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The Kahlo by MyraSwim combines a beautiful high cut thong bottom with the old school retro swimsuit throwback. For us, the mixture of the modern day thong bottom mixed with that vintage style swimsuit creates a perfect swimwear which looks incredible.

The thong bottom features a waist clenching band that helps to accentuate an hourglass figure. The front of the thong bottom covers the whole bottom of the stomach, sitting on the waistline or the belly button, whereas the back is the opposite, with a minimal design and showing everything off!

The color we prefer is Cedar, minimalistic and smoothly designed to give off the look of soft fabric, a perfect color for the style and design.

The high cut thong is very trendy right now and looks absolutely empowering, and the vintage swimsuit top combined with this gives off an almost Baywatch vibe. This is definitely one of the most flattering thong bikinis this summer.


  1. Mr Smith Bottom & Shoulder Strap Top – FELLA

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This new modern style of thong bikini is unique and trending across fashion platforms.

The initial thong bottom is beautiful and simplistic, keeping a simple and minimalistic color (as the trend goes), but also to keep the outfit simple and bold.

The top of the thong bikini makes the outfit, with the newly trendy one-shoulder strap making an appearance. The very design of the one-shoulder strap is special and will stand out amongst the beach goers.

With this design making an appearance all across Instagram on social media influencer’s and models pages, it is no surprise that this design would become increasingly popular.

FELLA offers either simplistic colors, or more intense ‘in your face’ colors, such as the retro floral print design or the artistic ‘Van Gogh’ option.

With the unique design and the colors available, FELLA is definitely a choice for us and one of the most flattering thong bikinis this summer.


  1. Spirit Animal High Rise Rio Pant and Top – SeaFolly

Where to buy it? Click here

Wild animal print. Need we say more?

The Spirit Animal High Rise Rio Pant and Top by SeaFolly throws back to those leopard print vibes and combines it with the modern trend of flattering thong bikinis this summer.

With a high cut thong bottom and comfortable waistband resting on the belly button, we just can’t get enough of this look.

The standout and unique color scheme of the outfit is enough to stand out, and with the thong bottoms too, it might just be the perfect outfit for the beach. Bring out your wild side with this flattering thong bikini this summer.

So those are our most flattering thong bikinis for this summer, and while we love the thong bikini fashion in general, we think these are the most flattering. Wearing any of these to the beach is a guaranteed head-turner and you just know you’ll look and feel amazing.


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