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TikTok Star Alix Earle Loves Heart of Sun

Alix Earle


TikTok Star Alix Earle Loves Heart of Sun

A lot of influencers and social media stars wear a large variety of brands in support of partners, product placement deals, and more. However, their time with each brand tends to be superficial and fleeting. That’s not the case with TikTok’s extremely popular Alix Earle.

Before Alix made her quick ascent to the top of TikTok’s recommended list with her superb modeling and knack for making meaningful engagements with her audience, she was wearing one brand in particular: Heart of Sun.

@alixearleNeed♬ Big Boys – cshsznxo!

Alix’s love for the Heart of Sun brand is loud and clear with her near-constant use of the brand’s products in her TikTok videos and popular Instagram photos.

Alix Earle

Alix’s use of Heart of Sun in her social media career expands far beyond a simple product placement deal or business partnership, and her personal love for the brand adds value and credibility to her content; influencing an upward trend in Heart of Sun popularity as consumers rush to try the top-quality swimsuits and clothing options she highlights in her videos and pictures.

Alix Earle has been seen in a variety of Heart of Sun products, but six of them stand out as her go-to attire for photoshoots.

First, there’s the Dolce Vita two-piece bikini. Alix has worn this flower-print two-piece set in some of her most viewed Instagram photos, and she’s ignited a love for the exotic bikini among her fans. Her summertime photoshoot with a desert backdrop in this bikini is one of the photos that helped skyrocket her to the top of the influencer and modeling world. If you’re looking to emulate Alix’s signature look, but you’re a bit shyer with bikini bottoms, you’ll enjoy the Las Flores print mini-skirt Heart of Sun offers that matches the iconic bikini’s print and general aesthetic with a bit more coverage.

However, Alix Earle’s flaunting of the super-simple but super-chic Sol line of bikini tops and bottoms is something you’ll also want to check out. She’s highlighted the simple crochet design with a level of elegance rarely matched by anyone else in her line of work, and it’s yet another product that she’s moved off shelves in impressive numbers just by enjoying it in her personal life. Like the Dolce Vita set, the Sol line does have an optional mini-skirt for those who want more coverage.

Alix Earle

One important fact to note about the unique nature of Alix’s place in the TikTok modeling world is the credibility and integrity she demonstrates. While her ability to boost the popularity of Heart of Sun products like the ones mentioned here is something many influencers have, Alix isn’t just exercising expert-level product placement; she has an almost symbiotic relationship with the brand, and she genuinely loves wearing Heart of Sun swimsuits as both parts of her TikTok modeling and her personal life.

This unique trait has not only helped Alix rise to the top of TikTok by demonstrating a genuine love for the products she wears, but it has helped the brand, too.

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