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Towns that will pay you to live in them

Towns that will pay you to live in them
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Towns that will pay you to live in them

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in Italy, you’ve likely been put off by the thought of funding it. But did you know that there are some towns across the world that will actually pay you to live in them? Whether you would love to live in arctic Alaska or warm Santiago, this could just be a reality for you.


The tiny village of Antikythera (it only has 40 residents) is a friendly one filled with traditional Greek homes. The town is paying a few special newcomers over $800 a month to set up home on their sunny island.

Sambuca di Sicilia

Located just an hour away from Palermo, this quaint town is truly iconic. Surrounded by vineyards, beaches and walking trails, living here is like a little piece of paradise. With their population of 6000 diminishing, the town is offering some excellent deals to would-be homeowners.


If you prefer to reside somewhere a little cooler, Alaska will welcome you with open arms. Known to some as “the last frontier”, Alaska is often considered a mysterious place perfect for adventurers. For glaciers, rugged mountains and the incredible northern lights, consider calling Alaska home.


If you’ve ever wanted to live in Chile’s biggest city, Santiago, you might just be able to do so. Start-Up Chile (SUP) is a company offering equity-free investment programs, giving qualified start-ups an $80,000 boost along with office space and visas.

Niagara Falls

Did you know you can live in Niagara Falls? Not only is this an iconic set of waterfalls, but it is a city that over 45,000 people call home. They are offering struggling students the opportunity to get reimbursed by up to US$7,000 – all you have to do is live in a specific neighbourhood for two years.

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