Lorde “Melodrama” (Official Album Tracklist)

Melodrama” is the second studio album by New Zealand global star Lorde, which is expected to be released on June 30th via Lava and Republic Records.

This new music project arrives three years after the success achieved with her track Yellow Flicker Beat first single from the soundtrack album for the film The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 (2014) where Lorde oversaw the collation of the album’s content, in addition to contributing vocals to several songs.

The lead single is called Green Light and it was released on March 2nd. She also performed the single and one new track from the album “Liability” during Saturday Night Live on March 11th.

During a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Lorde has confirmed that the entire album was produced by Jack Antonoff and Bleachers. The pre-order of the album arrived on March 10th, and she unveiled another track that day.




  1. Green Light | Ella Yelich-O’Connor & Jack Antonoff
  2. Sober
  3. Homemade Dynamite
  4. The Louvre
  5. Liability | Ella Yelich-O’Connor & Jack Antonoff
  6. Hard Feelings/Loveless
  7. Sober II (Melodrama)
  8. Writer In the Dark
  9. Supercut
  10. Liability (Reprise)
  11. Perfect Places




Liability (Audio)

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Live Performances


Liability (Saturday Night Live – 11 March 2017)

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Sober (Live)


Melodrama (Live)


Homemade Dynamite (Live)


“Melodrama” is available Apple Music (BUY)