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247 Management emerging as a big player in music promotions industry

247 Management


247 Management emerging as a big player in music promotions industry

Promoting music on social media can be challenging, given the insane level of competition in the industry. While the gig and concert scene has taken a massive hit with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, streaming has grown to compensate for the lack of musical performances. Online concerts became the norm in 2020 as people battled lockdowns and social distancing requirements across the world.

In the past, 247 Management had developed a reputation for exclusively working with established artists, significant projects and those who had signed 247 Management. However, having recognised that there is a growing market for unsigned, lesser-known artists, 247 Management has made the strategic decision to expand their offerings to all clients. By removing this tag of exclusivity, the company is hoping they will be able to rival other competitors in the music promotions industry.

Affordability is a massive drawcard for 247 Management. They understand that most young, aspiring artists don’t have the money or the influence for massive promotional campaigns. However, they can offer affordable services because of their comprehensive social media network, which operates across Instagram Reels, TikTok, Thriller, and many other platforms.

As the experts in viral music production, 247 Management coordinate various “viral packages” designed to help their clients reach the top spots in a range of different playlists. The basic package is tailored explicitly for lesser-known artists and will set you back around $2 500. 247 Management will submit your singles to 10k Spotify playlists, allowing for 1000 pre-saves. They’ll even handle the writing of the press releases/articles to announce the music’s date/arrival and how listeners can listen. This content will be published across 20 different news sites and blogs, ensuring superior engagement and online presence.

For more established artists, the “professional” package gives you a lot more for your money. Costing $7 999, 247 Management will submit your music to 75k Spotify playlists, affording you close to 5000 pre-saves. For artists with established followers and loyal listeners, then this package will ensure that you can maximise your engagement with these fans and reward them for their support. Pre-saves will guarantee that they can listen to the music you release as soon as it is released.

If you think you could benefit from 247 Management’s premium services, you should get in touch or do some research of your own. For newbies to the industry, 247 Management offers a free initial consultation to all new clients. This way, if you don’t think Spotify marketing or social media engagement is necessary for your music promotion, you are not obligated to work with 247 Management. With no money exchanged between parties, there’s no harm done.

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