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CLEVER DEFI is the first truly decentralized protocol giving power to the many, rather than the few

Bryan Legend


CLEVER DEFI is the first truly decentralized protocol giving power to the many, rather than the few

In the world of cryptocurrencies, there has been no shortage of scandals where the creators of a new token generate buzz and sucker people in only to sell their supply at the opportune moment and cause the value to crash for everyone else. Frustrated by this, cryptocurrency veteran Bryan Legend decided to start CLEVER DEFI and create the Clever Token (CLVA).

What makes CLVA different? The main point of difference between CLVA and other Bitcoin projects is that it will begin minting at 0 supply. This means that Bryan and the CELVER DEFI team have no supply to withhold and then dump on the market, a refreshing change of pace that ensures everyone benefits, not just the creators of the token.

This is what makes CLVA a truly decentralized finance protocol. On top of this, token holders don’t need to deal with any contracts, staking terms, lock-up periods, or discrimination when it comes to using CLVA.

The CLEVER DEFI team has worked incredibly hard to create an intelligent token, with the expertise of many different developers and programmers going into it. Rigorously tested, CELVER DEFI has ensured that the token is going to perform the way investors expect it to.

The benefit to token holders is a stable, long term growth in their investment with secure interest payments distributed on a 14-day cycle. There are 888 cycles scheduled, meaning the final interest payment will take place after 34 years, with an average 80.60% ROI profit forecasted over 10 years.

As a crypto token, CLVA offers a stable and highly rewarding investment opportunity for those who want to put their money to better use than simply leaving it in a bank account with negligible interest growth. Whether you’re new to crypto investment or are experienced and looking for something different, CLEVER DEFI’s token is definitely worth taking a look at.

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