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Charli XCX, third studio album | “Come to My Party” (Live Premiere)


Charli XCX, third studio album | “Come to My Party” (Live Premiere)

After the promotion of her acclaimed second studio album “SUCKER“, English singer-songwriter Charli XCX continues working on the follow-up.

During an interview with Time, the “Boom Clap” hitmaker confirmed that she’s already plotting her next move, and it’s yet another 180. Charli confirmed that her third album will be heavily inspired by Japanese pop music and will sound like both “another planet up in the clouds” and “intensely weird and childlike“.

During an interview with i-D, Charli confirmed that the new album will be out in May 2017, and it’s “the most pop and electronic thing“, she said:

It’s going to be so different from the last album. It’s going to be the most pop thing, and the most electronic thing I’ve done. I started working in that way quite naturally, it just happened. This always happens, the second I put out the previous record I’m always over it

The singer has also revealed that she has worked in the studio with SOPHIE. One of the results is the first confirmed track “Girl’s Night Out“, which was played in a Output club for the first time back a in July.

Charli XCX premiered brand new track called “Vroom Vroom“, a collaboration with London-based producer SOPHIE, during Julie Adenuga’s Beats 1 show on Tuesday October 20th. The song was included on a four-piece EP with the same name released on February 26th via her own label Vroom Vroom Recordings.

During an interview with The FADER, Charlie has confirmed she has worked with SOPHIE and Stargate to create “the best pop album of 2017”. She said:

I wanted to make an album with SOPHIE and Stargate. Sure, some of SOPHIE’s records are a little harsh and off-the-wall, but the goal is to be making progressive pop music.

The singer has worked with David Guetta, Noonie Bao and A.G. COOK. The lead single from the project is the Lil Yachty-assisted banger “After the Afterparty”, which was released on October 28th.

During an interview with KiddNation, she confirmed that the new album will be released in September. Before that, she released a mixtape called “Number 1 Angel“ on March 10th.

Later, during another interview with The FADER, she confirmed that the album will be available in Spring 2018 because she wants to promote properly the mixtape.


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