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Contemporary Landscape Artist Topher Straus Creates Work Unlike Any Other

Artist Topher Straus


Contemporary Landscape Artist Topher Straus Creates Work Unlike Any Other

Colorado Artist Topher Straus’ unique approach to capturing the beauty of natural landscapes has enthralled viewers around the world, and for good reason.

It’s hard not to be captivated by Topher Strauss work. His stylized approach to capturing landscapes, both natural and urban, makes him stand out amongst the crowd. His colorful work is done on ready-tohang metal sheets, then coated with a resin finish. This allows the imagery to pop, catching the eyes (and heart) of the viewer. In the past, it took artists years to create paintings like these. Topher has revolutionized the process, allowing him to bring his outstanding works to collectors, museums, galleries, and fans all over the world.

What, exactly, is featured in these outstanding pieces? Topher’s artistic abilities know no bounds, so he can capture a huge range of imagery. He excels most in distilling the grandeur of a natural landscape and transforming it into a bright, attention-grabbing art piece. Almost every single one of his creations is based on the indescribable beauty of an actual place, so customers can pay homage to somewhere special in a new and unique way. Some of his best-selling pieces include depictions of the Boulder Flatirons, Yellowstone National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Garden of the Gods Park, and Vail, Colorado.

Topher Straus

Topher’s focus on the natural beauty of Colorado is due to his idyllic upbringing. Born in and raised in Denver, Topher’s family fully embraced the natural beauty and potential adventure right outside their door. The artist spent every moment he could enjoying the great outdoors by hiking, skiing, camping, and more. The unforgettable natural beauty of Colorado has shaped Topher into the person he is today and has inspired his life’s work.

The American Mountaineering Museum isn’t the only massive organization that has embraced Topher’s work. The artist caught the attention of the United States National Park Service with his inspiring and unique portrayal of national parks across the country. Because of this, Topher’s “Tetons National Park” painting will be on permanent exhibit at the Grand Tetons National Park visitor’s center in Wyoming. Over 3 million people visit Grand Tetons National Park each year, allowing Topher to skyrocket in the art business more than he has already.

It’s clear to see that his mountainous talent is setting him up for a future as bright as the Colorado sunshine.

Topher Straus

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