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Donnette Dawn Thomas is Helping Entrepreneurs Discover the Beauty in Business

Donnette Dawn Thomas
Donnette Dawn Thomas


Donnette Dawn Thomas is Helping Entrepreneurs Discover the Beauty in Business

Becoming an entrepreneur and starting a successful business is one of the most difficult challenges that anyone can try to overcome. With the majority of business startups failing shortly after their creation, it’s no wonder why those starting out seek to equip themselves with as much professional expertise as possible.

One of the people delivering this expertise is Donnette Dawn Thomas aka The Beauty in Business, a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, writer, and actress who is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Having faced the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship herself, Donnette has become a leading voice in personal and business development, and she has authored 3 books on the subject titled ‘A New Dawn’, ‘Got Business Credit’, and ‘The Beauty in Business’.

Coming to the USA from Bermuda at the age of 6, Donnette was left by her parents and raised by her sister and was forced to take on an entrepreneurial mindset to secure her own happiness. As early as her school years, Donnette was making money by selling candy from her locker or selling her classmates’ toys for them with a commission.

Through her writing, Donnette shares several of her insights into how to improve core business processes, optimizing them for the best return.

Both her readers and her business coaching clients benefit from these insights that help them achieve the personal and financial outcomes they desire.

Donnette learned from all of her past failures in business and is able to help others avoid those mistakes by sharing the strategies she has formulated, providing a proven roadmap to success. She is totally committed to helping everyone she reaches achieve a better future.

Employing her expertise along with useful tools and resources, Donnette both inspires and empowers her clients to live a purposeful life like her. Via her business coaching, she motivates clients to continue learning and achieve their goals so that they can enjoy financial security and personal autonomy.

Donnette Dawn Thomas

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