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Find Space to Heal with Intuitive Coach Erica Russo

Erica Russo


Find Space to Heal with Intuitive Coach Erica Russo

Intuitive coach Erica Russo specializes in helping her clients feel empowered in order to grow and overcome challenges. She utilizes her psychic and mediumship abilities to understand their experiences and to give them the tools needed to become more in touch with their own spiritual side.

In 2018 Erica Russo had reached a point in her life where she realized her psychic abilities had the potential to truly help others. After having several psychic experiences, she knew she had to continue to develop the gift that she clearly had. She focused on channeling her skills and eventually reached the point where she felt she wanted to offer psychic readings to people.

While Erica enjoyed giving these psychic readings, she quickly realized that her sessions were becoming more about mentoring. She leaned into this aspect of her sessions and is now an intuitive coach who specializes in reading people but also giving them actionable advice for working on their issues and becoming better in touch with their own spirituality.

The services offered include 1 on 1 coaching packages, a mastermind, online courses, and her most popular service, a monthly membership called the Intuitive Life Society. This membership allows for frequent consultations with Erica and has allowed clients to fully explore the intricacies of psychic abilities. Her website also contains a wealth of information for people looking to understand spirituality and discover the benefits of intuitive coaching.

Before a session with a client, Erica Russo sets an intention for the universe to speak through the client. This is how she gains an understanding of their needs and is able to guide them during the session. Through assisting her clients in coming to terms with this side of themselves, she has created a community of people who are empowered to listen and trust in themselves.

Erica Russo believes that everyone has the ability to enhance their spiritual connection and is committed to helping people understand this. In providing a space for people to discuss their struggles and understand how they can heal from them, Erica has become one of the top mentors for nurturing both personal and spiritual growth.

You can follow Erica Russo at: or social media: Instagram @intuitivelifestyleco ; TikTok @intuitivelifestyleco, YouTube here or on Facebook @intuitivelifestylecompany


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