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Navid Mashinchi: A Few Tips On Getting A Data Science Internship

Navid Mashinchi


Navid Mashinchi: A Few Tips On Getting A Data Science Internship

Navid Mashinchi is no stranger to overcoming a challenge, especially when it comes to breaking into the data science industry. His journey is reminiscent of a lot of young professionals these days in that there is no exact science or perfect formula for success. The industry itself welcomes a variety of training backgrounds and proficiencies so there is credence in understanding the notion that unique abilities can be an asset rather than a hinderance when pursuing an internship.

Navid Mashinchi breaks down the few commonalities he noticed after talking with several industry professionals and the following tips are applicable to anyone, regardless of background.

Working On Specific Character Traits

For Navid Mashinchi the three predominant traits to keep an eye on and improve are Drive, Persistence & Communication. By honing these softer skills and traits, you’re putting your entire foundational ability to the test and bolstering your potential for prospective employers.

The curiosity and consistent changes in the industry necessitate a personality that is willing to push hard and be passionate about what they do, while communicating complex notions and breaking them down cohesively.

Side Projects

Having some real-world experience in the field is worth its weight in gold for many employers. People who stand out from the crowd have a tendency to facilitate their own learning by actually performing the fundamental tasks that will be required of them in the job. It’s a great way to show off your skillsets and a good portfolio that encompasses a range of particular skills that are relevant to the position you’re vying for is immeasurably beneficial.

Navid Mashinchi swears by the principle, mentioning it as a primary motivator for his first internship in data science.

Having A Personal Brand

Applicable across all industries, the necessity for having a personal brand is now clearer than ever, self-educating outside of school is a great way of instituting an image that is attractive for employers. Being a leader and taking initiative in an online capacity is also beneficial for your image as there is a trail of breadcrumbs for potential employers to follow and establish who you are as a brand.


Yes. It can be a bit daunting to approach the networking world, especially in the diverse community of data science. Talking with professionals and established workers in the industry will not only allow you to access vital and useful information, but also give you the potential keys to a locked door. Some internships have been offered to people simply through correspondence.

Practice For Interviews

Navid Mashinchi’s final tip for those looking the break into the industry is a worldwide trait we should all be implementing. Interview skills. The ability to impart our skillset and communication ability in a high-stakes situation is a hard nut to crack. Through a lot of practice, either with a friend or online, or simply by applying and practicing it in person, you’ll go a lot further.

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