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How Amer Safaee beat the odds and achieved success in business

Amer Safaee
Amer Safaee


How Amer Safaee beat the odds and achieved success in business

Amer Safaee is an interesting character in the business world. He is one of the most effective entrepreneurs from the middle east and has an impressive track record of success in the IT industry.

But how did Amer Safaee do it? Let’s examine how Amer Safaee achieved his success and beat the odds stacked against him.

1. They don’t give up when they fail

Amer Safaee is no stranger to failure in business, but what makes him a success is that he learns from the mistakes and comes back stronger. You can’t expect to win at everything 100% of the time, and those who do expect that will fail more often as they tend to abandon projects that fail rather than try to learn from their mistakes.

2. They examine every detail

Critical examination is essential in business – you can’t just ignore facts that you don’t understand or don’t like. Amer Safaee makes sure that he takes a clinical approach to every aspect of how he manages his enterprises so that he understands the full picture and can respond to situations with lightning speed.

3. They don’t get distracted

While a business person needs to have a personal life and enjoy themselves, it can be too easy to get distracted with initial success and fail to make a plan for long-term sustainability. Amer Safaee avoids distractions and does not indulge in vices that could inhibit his ability to have a clear head and work to the best of his ability.

4. They know how to cooperate with others

It’s impossible to do any kind of business without understanding the human element and how to cooperate with others. Even if you work alone, you need to know how to speak to people and negotiate with them so that they trust you and your business. Amer Safaee is adept at talking to new business prospects and selling them on his business and why they should work with him.

5. Staying positive and setting goals

Being your own boss means you need to set your personal goals and motivate yourself to achieve them. You don’t have anyone else supervising you, you need to police your own progress and make sure you hit the milestones you have set out. Amer Safaee knows that staying positive and setting achievable goals is key to keeping motivated in the running of his businesses and this is something that everyone can learn from, even for use in personal goal setting for fitness or other pursuits.


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