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How Dispensaries Make Buying Weed Easy

How Dispensaries Make Buying Weed Easy


How Dispensaries Make Buying Weed Easy

Thanks to a massive push to end ridiculous cannabis laws, legal weed dispensaries are cropping up all over the place. These dispensaries make the shady, back-alley, deals you’re used to a thing of the past. At least, they should be keeping you away from your shady street dealer, anyways.

Dispensaries make buying cannabis and cannabis-related products an absolute breeze. Here’s how.

1: No Ridiculous Waits

Have you ever called your weed guy up hoping to score a few grams right before a big get together or celebration, and then had to wait 8 hours for the guy to respond to your text, another 3 for him to get off his rear, and an hour more for him to show up? Well, there’s none of that nonsense when you purchase your cannabis from a legitimate dispensary.

Some dispensaries allow for walk-ins, and those establishments typically have a well-thought-out system in place to get customers in and out without any hassle or long waits. The only time there should be a long wait is on the first day a dispensary is open. Obviously, this is just because of all the local excitement that tends to build up around it.

Most other dispensaries have an even better system in place; they allow you to set an appointment.

Typically, you’ll go on an online app or call ahead and choose from a huge variety of pickup times. At the same time, you’ll put in an order for the exact products you want and make them aware of any special deals you may have access to. When it’s your time, you just pick it up, pay, and go about your day.

2: No Need for Plugs

Traditionally, if you want to buy cannabis from an illicit dealer, you have to get a “plug”. A “plug” is someone who can get you in touch with a bigger dealer to source weed to sell you. You have to remember; illicit dealers are breaking the law and face jail time. Even if their crime is selling something that is now considered legal in most places.

That means that you have to hang around with a certain crowd and network a bit just to buy a product. With a dispensary, you don’t have to do that. You just visit the dispensary or make an appointment online, and you buy your desired product. That’s a lot easier than hoping one of your friends has a dealer to refer you to.

3: Larger Variety

When you buy cannabis from an illicit dealer, you take what you can get. That might be some real skunk weed that knocks you flat on your rear, or it may be trash that barely gives you a buzz. There’s no consistency, and sometimes you’ll pay just as much for the trash as you do the good stuff.

With a dispensary, you can find wax, sauce, flower, shake, edibles, oil, and tons of other products. You can even get each product in a different strain a lot of the time and customize your experience.

Use YesWeed to Find a Dispensary, Now

It’s time to drop your street dealer. A dispensary is far easier to use, and you get a larger selection of high-quality products. Check out YesWeed to find a dispensary near you!

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