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Shojon’s debut single “Theorem” is the perfect feelgood anthem to cap off 2020



Shojon’s debut single “Theorem” is the perfect feelgood anthem to cap off 2020

There’s no doubt that music has been massively impactful in helping us all get through the challenges of 2020, and it’s exciting to see new artists like Shojon emerging despite the limitations the pandemic has set on them.

With smooth sound design and vocal ability, Shojon is a UK-based solo-artist who is passionate about promoting solidarity and harmony through his music.

Shojon’s debut single “Theorem”, produced with Dutch duo ENZ and Pacific, is the first taste of the artist’s upcoming EP “Greenwich Views”.

Described as a blend of Emo-Rap with Urban-Indie Rock influences, the project is set to surprise and delight listeners with melodic chords and smooth vocals that resonate deep within them.

Having grown up in Greenwich, Shojon’s music is deeply connected to his roots in South East London where he got his start in a church choir.


With a robust background in sound engineering and production for other artists, Shojon is now stepping into the spotlight for the first time.

“Theorem” is accompanied by a music video produced by FEUD Creative and directed by Craig Heathcote of BBC fame. The video depicts Shojon as a modern-day cupid, walking around London, revealing the love hidden amongst the discord.

The music video is well shot with a convincing performance from Shojon, complemented by great VFX. The video feels like a throwback to more innocent times, where the focus of the music is clearly to unite people and help them find love where they previously only saw conflict.

With a catchy hook, excellent sound production, and heart-warming music video, “Theorem” is a strong initial offering from an artist who is undoubtedly destined for stardom.

With 2020 coming to an end, Shojon’s debut single is a refreshing dose of positivity to cap off what has been a tumultuous year.

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