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How Maya Darwiche of MD-Esthetics is inspiring others to follow their passion for beauty

Maya Darwiche


How Maya Darwiche of MD-Esthetics is inspiring others to follow their passion for beauty

When it comes to the importance of following your passions, Maya Darwiche of MD-Esthetics is an expert. After gaining experience in a variety of industries, Maya Darwiche realized that her heart truly lay with makeup and beauty. Her commitment to mastering this craft and the hard work she put in to developing her very own business is an inspiration to anyone also looking to pursue a career in the beauty industry.

Maya Darwiche began her professional career studying teaching and successfully became a high school teacher. After several months, however, she realized that she wanted to prioritize her four kids and left her job to focus on raising them. It was at this point that she decided to dedicate part of her time to following a lifelong passion of hers, makeup. After working for Mary Kay Cosmetics as a consultant and being disappointed that this role didn’t give her the opportunity to actually apply makeup on customers, she set about getting qualified as a makeup artist.

Now with qualifications to her name, Darwiche was motivated to build her own business and eventually developed MD-Esthetics in Livonia Michigan. Darwiche notes that she had always wanted to work for herself and valued the freedom to make decisions that being the founder of a business gave her. Her failures are her motivator and her commitment to overcoming challenges and emerging successful is inspiring to any young entrepreneur.

Maya Darwiche now holds a total of 4 international certifications and is running a well-loved business that continues to deliver exceptional results. Darwiche has developed unique methods based off of her research and continues to be a key innovator in the industry.

MD-Esthetics has a mission to help people look and feel their best and is an inspiration for aspiring beauty professionals. The business offers training courses in several areas of beauty to help nurture these budding experts. These courses include microblading, lash lift and tint and a variety of other cosmetic tattooing to ensure that students are set up to succeed in the ever-growing beauty industry.

Darwiche acknowledges that beauty enhancement is only growing in popularity and that young professionals should be prepared to meet the demand for highly-skilled aestheticians. She credits the innovative methods that are emerging that allow cosmetic tattooing to appear natural as one of the main reasons for this popularity. For anyone affected by some form of hair thinning or hair loss, cosmetic tattooing is becoming a go-to option.

Maya Darwiche’s MD-Esthetics is a success story that continues to inspire generations of beauty professionals to come. The unique and innovative methods and the extensive knowledge of the industry and client needs demonstrated by the team are just some of the reasons why Darwiche and her business are so inspiring.

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