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Why Learn Karate? How Sensei Lorenzo Sandoval and His School Ageless Martial Arts Became So Popular

Lorenzo Sandoval


Why Learn Karate? How Sensei Lorenzo Sandoval and His School Ageless Martial Arts Became So Popular

Karate has been a popular discipline for centuries. It’s ability to foster key life values in those who learn it is highly regarded and one of the key reasons that people take on the challenge of learning it. Sensei Lorenzo Sandoval is one of these people who has found great value in learning Karate. He developed his school in Las Vegas, Ageless Martial Arts, to share his skills and make a meaningful impact on his community. His teaching strategies and his approach to sharing his craft has allowed him to build a reputation as a knowledgeable and beneficial school.

Lorenzo Sandoval and his school

The school offers a range of classes that cover the teachings of Shotokan Karate. They begin by scheduling new students in for an orientation class. This allows them to build the fundamental foundations that they will need to learn Karate on a deeper level. The structured and welcoming nature of this initial class is part of the appeal and encourages new students to develop their passions. From there, the students are taught a variety of skills such as respect, focus or discipline in specific classes. These classes are designed so that they can build these life skills side by side with the technical skills of Karate. Through this process, students are able to practice and perfect their skills and eventually achieve black belt status.

So why undertake a process like this? Why train with an instructor like Lorenzo Sandoval? Karate has many uses in life. It is more than just a self-defence program. Karate is based first and foremost on respect which is something that everyone needs to learn in life, both respect for others and respect for self. Lorenzo builds his classes around respect and uses this to nurture other key values in his students. He references reflexes, flexibility, confidence and leadership as just some of the other qualities that martial arts have brought to his life and allowed him to bring to his students’ lives. He focuses on challenging his students and using their failures to motivate them to grow into better versions of themselves. The school’s motto includes the phrase “rise together, achieve as one” and this is a testament to the environment of hard-working individuals that the school has created. The school is unique for this value of community and family.

Lorenzo Sandoval and His School Ageless Karate

The Ageless Martial Arts symbol is the blue phoenix. This has many deep meanings. When the phoenix dies it is reborn as a stronger version of itself. This is what Lorenzo Sandoval encourages his students to do. When they fall, they get back up stronger and better than ever. This is where the name “Ageless” comes from. As the phoenix can never die, it is ageless. The blue represents fire, the blue being the hottest part of the flame. This fire and determination to overcome challenges is at the heart of the school and part of why it has become so popular. For instilling values of resilience, strength, confidence, and above all respect, Karate is an excellent skill to learn.

Lorenzo Sandoval - Ageless Karate

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