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How the CBD Industry Continues to Grow Through Companies like CBDNOL

How the CBD Industry Continues to Grow Through Companies like CBDNOL


How the CBD Industry Continues to Grow Through Companies like CBDNOL

The CBD industry is one that continues to attract both interest and controversy. In recent times, however, many have come to the realisation that CBD is not only safe to use, but can be extremely beneficial for providing relief from a range of conditions. Companies such as CBDNOL have been developed by passionate individuals like Christian Eckmair to meet consumer demand for safe and effective CBD products. Through ethical and trustworthy practices, CBDNOL has become one of the number one providers of CBD products to German-speaking countries.

CBDNOL monitor the growth, testing and production of every single one of their products. This commitment to guaranteeing safe and high-quality products is setting the standard in the CBD industry worldwide. The products at CBDNOL are sourced from organic farming from cannabis plants in Austria and Switzerland. The farming is sustainable and also allows the company to guarantee that their products are free from chemical additives. CO2 extraction is the method that is used to obtain CBD oil from the plants. This process is gentle and ensures that none of the beneficial ingredients are lost or damaged. The products are then tested in a lab to confirm without doubt that the CBD is pure and safe for use.

On top of their dedication to distributing quality ingredients, CBDNOL also have a mission to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible. CEO Christian Eckmair and his company understand that the earth is being effected by companies for a range of reasons including excessive CO2 emissions, deforestation or shortage of raw materials. Because of this, they do everything in their power to reduce their impact on the environment and are at the forefront of innovating new ways of distributing products that are environmentally friendly. Some of the steps they take include using ecological and 100% biodegradable filling material made from corn starch and water, using high quality glass containers, using eco electricity, and committing to the elimination of microplastics from their products.

Christian Eckmair continues to contribute to the CBD industry by providing consumers with exciting products that are safe and have also been developed sustainably. The products on offer include a range of CBD oils, CBD hemp flowers and CBD-based cosmetic products. In order for the products to be legal, they must contain less than 0.2% THC, which all of the products do. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis and is the element that is illegal. CBDNOL’s products are EU-certified and tested to ensure that they do not contain more than the legal allowance of THC.

This safe and innovative method of CBD production is the reason that CBDNOL is emerging as one of the standout CBD providers. The company is setting an example for the CBD industry and proving that the use of these products can be both safe and effective. As other countries around the world begin to legalise CBD and hemp products, companies such as CBDNOL provide proof that the industry can be a popular and profitable one.

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