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The evolution of online learning isn’t slowing down thanks to Cyril Gaillard of Fyrebox

Cyril Gaillard


The evolution of online learning isn’t slowing down thanks to Cyril Gaillard of Fyrebox

Online learning is continuing to change and evolve in order to adapt to new methods of teaching and new requirements for the classroom. Cyril Gaillard, founder of quiz generation platform Fyrebox, is at the forefront of pushing for the evolvement of online learning tools. Fyrebox’s mission is to continue refining their program to create an online quiz experience that is as engaging as possible for users. With a range of tools and modes of delivery available, they are continuing to deliver a teaching tool that is easy to use yet effective for learning.

Teachers are experiencing more and more demand for online modes of delivery. With tools such as Fyrebox, they are able to meet this demand in a way that excites students and is easy to implement for them. Quizzes can cover any topic and can be customized according to the needs of the class. From simple maths questions to multi-language quizzes, Fyrebox has the ability to develop a quiz that will engage students to the maximum capacity. A fun and unique way to deliver information, online quizzes are part of the future of online learning.

The main benefit of Fyrebox is a significant increase in engagement and an improvement in learning retention. Quizzes can be used to recruit new students through a website, to test existing students on their knowledge, or as a tool for students to demonstrate their learning through creation of their own quizzes. Quizzes are also useful for delivering immediate and highly useful data to teachers that shows how students are progressing. If a student is struggling with a certain topic area, this will become immediately apparent through the quiz questions they are getting incorrect answers for. This is the quickest way to see what areas individual students or a class as a whole have trouble with and will help a teacher address the issues and redirect their teaching plan to accommodate.

Online courses have become increasingly popular and tools such as Fyrebox can be integrated into an educational institution’s Learning Management System to enrich this course and create better experiences for students. Google Classroom, for example, has become very popular and is one of the platforms through which Fyrebox quizzes can be implemented.

Remote learning is at an all-time high and Fyrebox founder Cyril Gaillard does not see this trend going away. He aims to make technological tools accessible and effective to ensure that the learning experience continues to be beneficial for all involved.

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