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Interested in electric cars? Check out The Green Living Guy

The Green Living Guy
Seth Leitman


Interested in electric cars? Check out The Green Living Guy

If you are considering purchasing an electric car for your own personal use, then Seth Leitman, also known as The Green Living Guy, is someone you should certainly be researching up on. Why? Well, Seth has been an expert in the field of electric car development and the deployment of ecologically sound technology for over 20 years. He’s been encouraging people to switch to greener technologies, while educating the masses about some of the new, more exciting developments in this space.

Where did it all begin?

Since 1998, Seth has been worked across a wide range of industries and sectors dealing with renewable, green energy sources. He has worked on projects that deal with indoor air quality and the production of alternative-fuelled automobiles.

The Green Guru Guides

Seth has developed a range of insightful and engaging books in association with McGraw-Hill. Known as The Green Guru Guides, the series of nine books aim to help anyone looking to improve their lives and minimise the effects of climate change by using sustainable, environmentally friendly technology. It’s all about making eco-friendly tech work with your lifestyle. Fortunately, The Green Guru Guides are available worldwide, so check out your local bookstore or hop online for more details on where to purchase.

Some of the most popular entries in the book series have revolved around topics like building your own electric vehicle and solar power installations for your home (which his company directly assists customers with).

Generosity at its finest

Seth has cultivated a reputation for being charitable and committed to the development of eco tech and the many people looking to get involved. In fact, Seth donates The Green Guru Guides to many schools and public libraries across the United States, reflecting his awesome commitment to education and the adoption of environmentally safe technology. Moreover, Seth’s books only use covers and paper formally approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), meaning the paper contains no acids and 100% post-consumer fibre.

Seasoned blogger

These days, you can’t operate in the public space without having a strong online presence. Most commentators maintain a frequent, original and engaging blog space as a way of keeping people informed about new updates in their field of expertise. The Green Living Guy is no exception. Seth has been a prolific blogger for many years, discussing topics such as solar panel installation guides and the disadvantages of littering.

TV personality

Seth has also made many appearances on TV, representing corporations like Tesla, Solar Shingles and Panasonic USA. He is also highly active on Twitter, having had an account for over 10 years. His ongoing blog has a reach of over 45 million users. Famous film director and environmentalist, James Cameron, has read some of the work produced by Seth and his company.

Seth’s services

The Green Living Guy is also a consultant in the field of eco-friendly technologies. Indeed, Seth helps many of his monthly subscribers with third party energy audits. He also readily contributes to academic journals and business reports that deal with environmental energy uses. His work has been featured in the Electric Power Research Institute and even reports from the US Department of Energy.

Seth has also moved into social media consulting services, operating under the business name, Green Living Guy Eco Social Media Consulting. These services help customers build their online presence using social media posts and content sharing via platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

However, they also do work directly with big companies hoping to go green in their production processes. Seth’s consulting services have helped some of the largest corporations in the world improve their profit margins simply by switching to more renewable technology options.

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