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The igroup CAMS & Steve Rastall On Providing Superior Cloud Support

igroup CAMS & Steve Rastall


The igroup CAMS & Steve Rastall On Providing Superior Cloud Support

Cloud infrastructures are becoming the norm in modern business and enterprise. Utilising the cloud infrastructure has become synonymous with modernity and expansive potential for companies and for cloud specialist companies like igroup – the effective management, monitoring, and optimization of the cloud infrastructure is seminal to a healthy prosperous company.

The company, along with its founder Steve Rastall have worked tirelessly to craft a perfect solution to the common ailments of cloud infrastructures – particularly in the realms of performance, cost monitoring, support, and administration.

Essentially, the igroup CAMS is the heavy lifter for the common ailments, allowing more businesses and companies to focus on their own products rather than meandering management of infrastructure.

The CloudOps Active Management Solution

The CloudOps Active Management Solution or CAMS as we have established, comes from years of development. It stands as one of the premier methods to give companies and their IT departments a sense of control and true insight into their cloud infrastructure and is intuitive and customizable to particular needs and requirements.

The plug and play solution works seamlessly with the two largest cloud infrastructure providers (AWS and Azure respectively) and consolidates, protects, and monitors everything. It’s perfectly suited to companies that don’t have a cloud expert in-house, offering cost optimization suggestions and identifying and diagnosing issues that may not be easily found by a development team.

A Business’ Best Friend

So, what separates the CAMS system from any other Cloud Management Service? Experience, expertise, proven ability, and a superior product – simple.

The igroup team headed by founder Steve Rastall have worked tirelessly through each iteration of the CAMS System, using their collected cloud expertise and years of managing and supporting client cloud infrastructures to offer more customisation and reliable automation. There simply isn’t a better solution out there that has such a high efficacy rate with a more passionate team behind it.

The all-in-one solution is not only being gushed about here, even respected sites like Capterra have backed this particular service with an impressive 4.9/5 rating overall – the highest of any cloud management system on the market.

The impressive user interface is also nothing to sneeze at, with clearly defined monitoring tools and easy-to-navigate dashboards that are consistently updated with the most relevant information for the business, it is no wonder more companies from more industries that are on the cloud infrastructure are flocking to the igroup CAMS system.

You can learn more about CAMS & igroup Ltd at:

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