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Kylie Minogue “Kiss Me Once” (Special Edition) [iTunes+] | Ultimate Music Review



Kylie Minogue “Kiss Me Once” (Special Edition) [iTunes+] | Ultimate Music Review

‘Kiss Me Once‘ is the upcoming twelfth studio album by Australian singer and Goddess of pop Kylie Minogue, due for release on 14 March 2014. It is her first album under the management of Jay Z’s Roc Nation, with which Minogue signed with in 2013. It’s Minogue’s first studio album release since ‘Aphrodite‘, launched in 2010.

The first single ‘Into the Blue‘, was released on January 27, although its demo has been leaked on the Internet a week before. During Valentine’s Day, Kylie unveiled a promotional video performing her new single ‘Into the Blue’ on The Old Blue Last club in London. In the show she also performed for the first time a new track from the album entitled ‘Les Sex‘.

Be ready to be SLAYED!


‘Into the Blue’ | Kelly Sheehan, Mike Del Rio, Jacob Kasher
‘Million Miles’ | Chelcee Grimes, Peter Wallevik, Mich Hedin Hansen, Daniel Davidsen
‘I Was Gonna Cancel’ | Pharrell Williams
‘Sexy Love’ | Wayne Hector, Autumn Rowe, Peter Wallevik, Mich Hedin Hansen, Daniel Davidsen
‘Sexercize’ | Sia Furler, Marcus Lomax, Clarence Coffee, Jordan Johnson, Stefan Johnson
‘Feels So Good’ | Tom Aspaul, MNEK
‘If Only’ | Ariel Rechtshaid, Justin Louis Raisen, Daniel Nigro
‘Les Sex’ | Amanda Warner, Peter Wade Keusch, JD Walker
‘Kiss Me Once’ | Sia Furler, Jesse Shatkin
‘Beautiful’ (feat. Enrique Iglesias) | Enrique Iglesias, Mark Taylor
‘Fine’ | Kylie Minogue, Karen Poole, Chris Loco

Special Edition

‘Mr President’ | Tommy Trash, Kelly Sheehan
‘Sleeping With the Enemy’ | Kylie Minogue, Claude Kelly, Greg Kurstin


Ultimate Music Review

Although she has a more than enviable career behind her, with ‘Kiss Me Once‘, Kylie begins a new journey under the umbrella of Roc Nation. But, it will be affected her so distinctive sound? Our goddess ‘Aphrodite‘ returns with charged batteries and doing the best she can do, pop in the broadest sense of the word. Kylie is obviously a synonym for good pop music, and the whole world knows that.

‘Into the Blue‘, the lead single from the album, well known to all. Upon first listen, you think … “could be better”, but It certainly has the soul of the artist, a formidable instrumentation and a wonderful melody, but it hasn’t the potential of instant success at all. It’s a grower, beautifully orchestrated from beginning to end. With a right balance between euphoria and melancholy. And leaves us something to posterity the incomparable beginning of the chorus ”Into the buh-looooo!“. Maybe it’s not a present Kylie, but will become a classic Kylie for sure.

‘Million Miles‘ If this song can be sung by any other artist, it would be ‘so generic’ for sure. But Kylie gets to make it an f*cking instant hit. Classic standard-modern Kylie at its best. The supa-catchy chorus “Feel like I’m a million, million, a million miles away“ is devastating and it’s impossible not to start singing and dancing to its frantic disco-pop music. It’s without doubt the ‘Get Outta My Way‘ of this album. Interestingly both songs were produced by Danish hitmaker Cutfather. Although we miss the touch Stuart Price, Kylie never disappoint. The song has every chance to be the next single. Again, her pronunciation is priceless ‘Milian, Milian‘.

‘I Was Gonna Cancel‘ Kylie and Pharrell, maybe not the best way to continue with the album. An R&B/Pop sound set in any nightclub in the 80s, halfway between Daft Punk’s last album, Robin Thicke ‘Blurred Lines‘ and Madonna’s ‘Hard Candy‘. That’s the sound that’s reminiscent of her ‘Body Language‘ era. What should have been. Fabulous, easy and catchy chorus ‘go, go, go, go, go girl‘.

‘Sexy Love‘ When ‘Wow‘ meets ‘Love at First Sight‘ and becomes an instant crush. Yes, it’s a hit at first listen. It has that easy-pop touch reminiscent of Max Martin productions like Katy Perry’s ‘Birthday‘ and Danish pop band Alphabeat, with a fun and sexually perfect result. ‘You look so sexy in my head, you looks so sexy in my bed‘. Simply irresistible. Pure pop at its best. Single material once again produced by Cutfather.

‘Sexercize‘ The pseudo-dubstep track that Rihanna might have perfectly discarded from her last album. The Monsters & The Strangerz delivered a sexual anthem inappropriate for Kylie. Carnally appealing and fully inspired by the classic ‘Nu-Di-Ty‘, the singer tries but fails. Boring and repetitive, even taken away the part of Brooke Candy, even penned by Sia, it disappoints. One of the worst songs on the album by far.

‘Feels So Good‘ MNEK is the new black. This midtempo pseudo-electro track was originally called ‘Indiana‘ and released by Tom Aspaul last year. The only way to improve it was to add Kylie’s vocals. They did and they matched. Elegance and luxury blended seamlessly into a delicate and simple piece of music.

‘If Only‘ Overwhelming melancholy, the song takes you back to a glorious musical atmosphere. There is so much instrumentalization that at times sounds over-produced. More is less. Anyway, it’s a good track and without doubt another grower. Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid and Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, HAIM, Charli XCX and Vampire Weekend). It must be good.

‘Les Sex‘ Purest weakness. This 80′s dance-infused song is perfect in every way. After presenting it live concert at The Old Blue Last in London, I knew it would be one of my guilty pleasure. Potential single and perfect club banger. Also including flawlessly lyrics: ‘Take two of these and meet me in the shadows, If love’s a drug, we’re higher than stilettos‘ and supa-catchy chorus ‘Les Love, les Sex, le-lo-o-oh!“. I’m dying of pleasure.

‘Kiss Me Once‘ melodically flawless and heavenly perfect. The Sia-penned track is good, really good. This time the result is as expected. Bells to love, majestic anthem. It is the song that shows the essence of the album in its best. ‘Kiss me once and you will watch me fall, kiss me twice and I will give you my all‘ I’m falling in love, Kylie. Potential single material.

‘Beautiful‘ (featuring Enrique Iglesias) A bad joke. Disgusting. A song produced by Metrophonic that brings nothing, vocoder-excessive-heavy and booooooring. A song that Enrique wants to make it official single and Kylie team no. Obviously. I don’t understand the meaning of this duet. Neither I, nor most of the world. Perhaps it would be a pretty tune if I had a decent bit of vitality. Seriously, what’s the point to include this in this album?

‘Fine‘ A great promising start that doesn’t disappoint at all. This mature piece inspired by house music of the 90s and produced by Chris Loco, grabs the best touches of ‘Aphrodite‘ and shows a safe Kylie. This time using the vocoder has been a success. It’s not an instant hit but it could become easily one of my favorite songs on this album. A hymn to optimism that becomes a grower. After listening, I’m sure you’ll be fine!

Ultimate Music Score: 8 / 10

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