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Lilly Iaschelcic: From London Fashion Week Catwalk to Fashion Photoshoots

Lilly Iaschelcic


Lilly Iaschelcic: From London Fashion Week Catwalk to Fashion Photoshoots

Only 2 months in to 2022 and the year has always been a big one for super star model Lilly Iaschelcic. Over the past few days she has been one of the favourite models at the esteemed London Fashion Week.

Starting on Friday the 18th of February and concluding this past Tuesday the 22nd of February, London Fashion Week features some of the world’s top respected designers, as well as many emerging ones. Hundreds of the world’s best models are selected to walk the runway with Lilly Iaschelcic being one of them.

Lilly Iaschelcic enjoys modelling for some of the most internationally renowned designers and has made an appearance at the London Fashion Week event for the past 5 years. She particularly loves showcasing designers who use sustainable practices in their work.

As the event is one of the top ones in the world for presenting innovative fashion moments, there are plenty of these designers at the event for whom she walks for. She continues to impress with her skills on the catwalk and is sure to be a familiar face at many London Fashion Weeks to come.

Strutting her stuff on the catwalk is not all that Lilly Iaschelcic is known for, however. Being a model requires versatility and Lilly Iaschelcic proves that she has got what it takes both on the runway and during fashion photoshoots.

Lilly Iaschelcic

Knowing how to appeal to the camera is a big part of modelling and Lilly Iaschelcic has made her mark during countless photoshoots from respected photographers. She wears designer garments with pride and is able to work hard to create flawless photographs. Her varied abilities in the modelling world are what has made her such a memorable breakout star in the industry.

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