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Luxury shopping experiences with Gray & Sons Jewellers

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Luxury shopping experiences with Gray & Sons Jewellers

There’s no experience quite like owning a luxury watch, whether it’s Cartier or Rolex. It’s the perfect way to inspire others with your wealth and style – your piece is made of the finest materials on the planet. Unfortunately for many of us we cannot afford such luxury – until now.

Founder of Gray and Sons, Keith A. Gray has always had a keen eye for detail and innovation. He understands the importance of providing customers with affordable rates for high-quality items, like watches, bracelets and necklaces. Indeed, this is one of the main reasons why he got into the jewellery restoration business.

Gray & Sons specialise in selling restored, authentic luxury jewellery and watches. They have served Miami Beach, Florida for four decades and have recently moved into the online sphere.

Their Swiss trained watchmakers are unparalled in skill and finesse, performing thorough inspections and polishing to ensure that every piece looks brand new. And the best part? Their luxury items are much more affordable than buying new.

Here are six reasons why Gray & Sons are exceptional when it comes to the luxury preowned shopping experience:

  1. You get to chat to the experts

It is quite exciting being able to visit their physical store in Miami Beach. Not only is their showroom impressively stocked, but the entire visit is educational. You get the opportunity to meet the Swiss watchmakers and diamond & gem specialists responsible for restoring each piece, and are able to ask them questions.

  1. They sell rare items

They also boast an impressively large range of limited edition and rare items, from the Chanel Camilia watch to limited edition, sterling silver Tibaldi pens. This makes shopping for a special gift exciting – you just know that the person that receives your gift is going to be in complete awe.

  1. They are certified authentic

You don’t have to worry about whether or not your purchase is truly authentic or not; each piece at Gray & Sons is inspected and assessed by a certified Swiss craftsman and backed by a one year warranty and lifetime maintenance policy (on purchases over $2000). If you have any doubts, you are free to take it to an independent assessor.

  1. They send catalogues

Never miss a good deal again with their monthly catalogues, which list all their current specials. They are conveniently mailed to your address – staying in the loop has never been easier!

  1. They let you shop online

Gray & Sons have an online store for their preowned watches and jewellery. This ensures you can make last minute purchases or shop when you’re out of the area. It is also incredibly easy to browse their collections, and you can search for an item by search term, too. They boast everything from wedding rings to cufflinks.

  1. They can be a good investment

If you’re savvy, you might consider purchasing a limited edition watch or jewellery piece and keeping it safe for a few years – it’s likely to appreciate in value and earn you money in the long run. This is because luxury items like these are of an exceptionally high quality and are very likely to last for decades if taken good care of.


Purchasing second-hand items feels different to purchasing items fresh on department store shelves – you realise that you are turning into a character in a story; just one of the many people that will wear that watch or bracelet. The historical aspect of buying preowned is a big part of the reason why people do so; it can be highly fulfilling.

Additionally, being able to observe the watch and jewellery repairs in person is quite exciting – as is being able to ask the experts questions about your piece. Have a look at Gray & Sons website to explore their stunning collection of luxury pieces – you’re sure to find the perfect item.


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