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Margaret “Thank You Very Much” (Video Premiere)


Margaret “Thank You Very Much” (Video Premiere)

Małgosia Jamroży better known as Margaret Ashton or just Margaret is a young singer-songwriter and Fashion blogger from Poland. After being well known, loved and followed in her country through her blog margaret-j, in 2012 she signed a recording contract with the German company Mach1 Recordings and Extensive Music eventually partnered with Universal Music to release her major-debut single.

The track entitled “Thank You Very Much“, was released on February 21st, 2013 and it’s a catchy pop track, a piece of perfect pop aimed at airwaves and beaches of the world in the summer of 2013. Easy listening and with high potential to make the jump and conquer Europe. The track and the controversial music video are described as “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity“. The slogan was used by the enlightenment philosophers who advocated a return to nature back in the 1700 century. The struggle continues some 300 years later when religious rights activists in the US attempt to shut down a music video on the grounds of nudity. Naturists remain a group very much at the crossroads still today.

Even if in her debut video, she actually plays the role of the adolescent who is annoyed by the degree of nakedness certain parents would sometime force on a collective, in real life she is seriously upset at the prospect of not being allowed to reach out to her fans on grounds such as these. I’m sure your childhood was filled with all sorts of embarassing moments, but probably nothing as horrifying as what poor Margaret is subjected to at this nudity birthday party. For kids today, nakedness is not a big deal. The video is a tongue-in-cheek way of looking at things from a different perspective. That a society that embraces the right to carry firearms in public spaces will find it appropriate to ban a video portraying a loving family environment where there is no violence, or bad behaviour and not even the suggested sexual activity is outright ridiculous in this day and age.

“In spite of YouTube, generally considered the primary advocate of free speech in the 21st century siding with the dark forces in this case, I am excited that my fans are able to find the clip in other ways”

The video which indeed features around 30 fully nude men and women in the ages between 6 months and 73 years old – was intended by award winning director Chris Marrrs Piliero as a statement to decrease the drama of appearing naked in front of others, at the same time making a point of not accepting this to be forced on you. The video was premiered on February 24th, 2013.


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